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  1. Lamar

    How clean is clean enough?

    So I'm needing to change the cartridge in my Schaefer and I'm rinsing out the nib. Should I keep rinsing till the water runs clear or just to a certain point?
  2. Lamar

    new fountain pen

    Well, it's used, but new to me. Fine point nib. Walnut. Writes very smoothly.
  3. Lamar

    dip pen questions

    So I picked up a cheap dip pen at Wal-Mart today and got out my old bottle of Sheaffer Skrip ink and a Top Flight legal pad and proceeded to use the widest nib. The ink just spread out all over the paper. Used a smaller nib and it did the same thing. Is it the paper or is it the ink? I can use...
  4. Lamar

    Straight razor + head + newbie straight user =

    = not a bad head shave! I've been shaving my head for about two years now, one year worth with a DE and/or SE. I just got my two straights back today from being sharpened and a Gold Dollar was thrown in so I shaved my face and got to thinking. After a quick poll I stropped the razor for round...
  5. Lamar

    Almost a year, time to PIF something.

    PIF is closed I got into this whole traditional wetshaving thing last June and have met some great folks, gathered some great knowledge and have been the recipient of other PIFs and human kindness. It's time to return the favor in what little way I can. This will be CONUS only. I bought this...
  6. Lamar


    Just a bit of testing.
  7. Lamar

    Look what my wife bought me at an estate sale

    Coles New York travel slant razor So, I know what I have. That's pretty easy. What I don't know is it's age. Can anyone help with this?
  8. Lamar

    Nice package from Wullie

    Thank you Wullie! I'm gonna try the straight tomorrow! Don't have any of these items so this will be fun. This will be my second go with the a straight. My other straight just doesn't seem sharp enough from what others have told me and I don't have any stones to sharpen it. Going to brush up on...
  9. Lamar

    Question about NIB drying

    How quickly can a NIB dry up and what do you do to get the ink flowing again?
  10. Lamar


  11. Lamar

    Is it just me or.

    Is it just me or does your handwriting improve automatically when going from roller or ball points to a fountain pen? My wife got me this very cheap pen set and despite it not being fancy and not the smoothest writer, I did notice my handwriting improved greatly. Perhaps it is because I slow...
  12. Lamar

    Soap so strong I use only a certain brush and no others, How about you?

    Of all my soaps, Speick is so strong that it leaves a heavy scent on my brush so that when using a different soap the next day I can still smell it on top of the current soap. I have ended up dedicating my badger to be used with Speick only. The boar and horse brushes are used with everything...
  13. Lamar

    Any other below knee amputees out there?

    Just got my new foot today. It's called the BiOM from iWalk This is by far the best foot I have used to date. My previous foot was the Proprio and I really didn't think it could get any better until now. This one takes it up a notch by actually providing power to your forward motion. I have a...
  14. Lamar

    I think I just set a record for myself

    Showered, 4 pass shaved, rinsed, aftershave applied, brushed cleaned and, dressed in 14 minutes 45 seconds. Shave results - one weeper and BBS except for the usual trouble spot on neck. I had looked at my watch and realized I had to leave in 15 minutes to get my boy from pre-school. I don't...
  15. Lamar

    Super Adjustables. How do you shave with them?

    Picked up a 1971 Gillette Super Adjustable and I was just wondering how you guys shave with it. My first try was yesterday, a day after a really really bad shave, and I set it to "1" and ended up with a lot of irritated skin and weepers, especially on my troublesome neck when I went AGT. Today...
  16. Lamar

    Just won my birth-year razor on eBay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/290758603579?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 So very happy. Correct year and also correct quarter! Was thinking about buying an adjustable Merkur but since this already does this I can focus on a slant for my next purchase. So at 27 dollars did I do...
  17. Lamar

    You're never too young to learn!

    Ask my son if he wanted to shave with his Daddy. He said yes. He is using a old German made travel razor (blade removed) and I with my Merkur (I already finished my pass so I staged my photo for my wife). Just wanted to share. Rest of the photos are here...
  18. Lamar

    Questions about some things I saw at a antique store

    I was walking around and found a shave kit from Montclair for 15 bucks. Included is a Monclair 6001 brush, a pretty nice mug and a puck. My interest is really about the brush and if it is a good quality brush. I'm having a horrible time finding info on the brush itself. I also saw this type...
  19. Lamar

    Parker Best Badger Brush

    So I figured out what I am going to get my little brother for his birthday...or Christmas.. the events are only a week apart. I'm going to set him up with a shaving kit. Only problem is I have limited experience with brushes. I am using a Best badger from Parker and I love it but I lose a hair...
  20. Lamar

    Newbie Check in

    Howdy. I'm about 41 (July 7th) and just this past week I took up a DE safety razor for the first time. Previously I was a sometimes on again/off again electric razor user and mostly a foam in a can with a cartridge razor user. When I was younger (16-18) the electric was fine and got a smooth...