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  1. mattdenicola

    Technivorm "Aftermarket" Carafes

    I am going to get a Technivorm KBT for my office at work, but I really want to use a glass-lined vacuum carafe rather than their stainless steel model. I know there are some options out there, but I had really hoped to use one of my Steltons. It appears as though the 1L it going to simply be...
  2. mattdenicola

    30 Minutes or Less: Ever-Ready 101 A

    I have been really bogged down with work/studying recently, and haven't had any time to add the inevitable next brush to my restoration list. I had been looking for an orange bakelite brush for quite some time - as it is my father's favorite color. The only ones that came along were either a)...
  3. mattdenicola

    Kyoku $20 Discount

    Just found a coupon on Ben's Bargains for Kyoku for Men. $20 off any order. Combine that with their standard free shipping on any order over $25, and you can get some pretty solid skin care products for pretty darn cheap. They make a shave cream - a brushless cream with sake in it for...
  4. mattdenicola

    Lil' Chrome Handled Travel Restore

    My third restore is a small travel brush. I bought two identical handles off the bay a little while back, one for me and one for a kit for a newb. It was a sleeved knot, and it pulled right out with no resistance. The handle is surprisingly heavy, weighing in at 114.4 grams - pretty hefty for...
  5. mattdenicola

    mattdenicola's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Matt What are your nicknames/aliases? Matt Where do you live? Los Angeles, CA What is your age (or) generation? 29 What are you in the real world? Pathologist What is your favorite shave setup? Real hard to say. Pre-shave condition with...
  6. mattdenicola

    Checking In and Giving Props

    Long overdue first time hello - I've been wet shaving for about 5 months now, lurking around here and slowly soaking up all the amazing resources. It's incredible how very different the opinions can be on here, yet all directed toward the common goal of a fantastic shave. It makes for an...