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  1. mrb7

    Good barber in Williston ND?

    Open late! Any advice?
  2. mrb7

    Recovering LP from a hundred pound cylinder

    Hey gang, I have an interesting problem. Over the past few years I've been upgrading the gas tanks at the farm, and as a piece of the stopgap measure I've always been keeping an old hundred pound cylinder full. Now I've pretty much got the big tanks straightened out, but I have a completely...
  3. mrb7

    Hartman Leather Repair

    So, I have an old leather Hartman carryon bag that has God alone knows how many miles on it. I bought it new 20 years ago, and I'm no stranger to travel. It's beginning to get some serious issues however. One of the handles is only attached by one of its double bindings since about six months...
  4. mrb7

    Adieu Tulsa, Hello North Dakota

    Well fellows, I've been claiming Tulsa, OK as my hailing location for the past 14 months. But other work calls, and so for now I bid Tulsa adieu. Fond memories and good friends. But now the great northern front calls. And I will be leaving refined products behind to move into crude. I'll be...
  5. mrb7

    Larson Blade Stropper

    Does anyone know much about an L.E. Larson "Blade Stropper" device? I got one some months back in a box of stuff, and I just put it aside because I was really looking at the Gillette Slim in the box. Every once in a while would run across it, but until today I've never looked at it close...
  6. mrb7

    Help ID a barber's hone

    Well, I know no one here has ever bough a box of junk from eBay looking for one thing (in this case a slim) and getting other stuff that's interesting (a barber's hone). I can't make out the writing on the old blue box, even when I try to change the contrast on the picture. It's fairly plain...
  7. mrb7

    Oster Model 10 and accessories Questions

    I have an old Oster Model 10 that I got new about 35 years ago. I used it about 5 minutes a week between regular haircuts to trim over my ears because my hair grows very fast, and staying within the grooming regulations in the Navy required that I do something at least weekly if not more often...
  8. mrb7

    Recommed Soap for Brother in Law

    Hey gang, give me a recommendation please. I am putting together a shaving kit for my Brother-in-Law based on my deceased Father-in-Law's old kit. I have a birth quarter Slim out being replated for him now. And I have an appropriate Ever Ready brush waiting on a knot from TGN. Plus I have...
  9. mrb7

    More profitable by the dozen

    Well, I think I've seen everything now. I ordered some 7 O'clock Blacks from a vendor in India on the Bay. But the quantity seemed a little odd. Instead of the usual 20 tucks on a retail card it was listed as only 12 tucks. Price was right, so I didn't care if they were loose. Lo and...
  10. mrb7

    Blade Love for the Chinese Wilkies? (India package)

    I know that there has been some derision about some brands of Chinese blades here. And I know that some people, including me in the past, have been confused about the India market Wilkies being made in India or Shanghai. (Two manufacturing plants; retail package is made in Shanghai, professional...
  11. mrb7

    Kissing, a reason to shave

    I followed some of the YouTube links from the armpit shaving video, and discovered some interesting research. http://youtu.be/dtTZURt4Hkc
  12. mrb7

    What's the I.D. of an MWF ceramic holder

    I have used a couple of MWF pucks, and I know the pucks swell when I start using them. Not a lot, but some. Some tins I have fit ok, and some don't. I don't really want to buy a ceramic container to measure it. Can someone who has one post the dimensions, please? Thx, Mikey
  13. mrb7

    Keen Kutter help

    Ok, in my various "junk" collecting I have acquired two "Keen Kutter" single edge razors. Frankly looking at pictures I don't know that I can see any difference between these and the "Christy" razors. One of them has a handle that screws off, while the other one's handle is fixed. Between the...
  14. mrb7

    The Scoop from Hamilton Beach - single serve

    I just picked up a Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single serve coffee maker last night. Drinking the first cup made with it now. Pictures later; sorry. (And now finishing cup #2.) The coffee is good. It is far superior to the two day old microwaved morning coffee I sometimes have. Today is just...
  15. mrb7

    DeFunk an Ever Ready Badger-Lon

    I picked up a badger-lon (badger and nylon mix) in a box of stuff from the bay. Mine doesn't shed, and it lathers reasonably well. But it has a funk smell that I've tried to get rid of. So far it's tamed down, but not gone. I have used Dawn. Lathered the brush and left it overnight several...
  16. mrb7

    Scuttle questions

    I recently bought a lot of stuff from the bay to get a particular Ever Ready handle. Included in the lot was a small scuttle, but being a face lathered I paid little attention to it. Now that it's turning cooler the idea of warm lather sounds appealing, so I got it out for a look. I was...
  17. mrb7

    Slim adjuster dial woe

    I need some advice on a Gillette slim I got on a box of "STUFF" from eBay. It wasn't my primary target, so if I can't fix it, oh well. No big loss. When I got it the adjuster dial was frozen, and looking at it - compared to a couple more slims I have - it looked "too high" to be right. Lots...
  18. mrb7

    Need advice on Gillette NEW handle

    I have acquired 3 Gillette NEW razors. Two short combs and a long comb. One has a practically factory perfect handle, one has a pretty decent handle with only the slightest hairline crack, and one has something that used to be a handle. (Guess which one came from eBay!) Knowing that these have...
  19. mrb7

    mrb7's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Michael What are your nicknames/aliases? Mikey Where do you live? In the airport it seems, but technically Tulsa, OK What is your age (or) generation? Last of the Baby Boomers What are you in the real world? Old and fat. Photographer in secret...
  20. mrb7

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Well, this is the Newbie's area. And I'm new. So here I am. Last pack of cartridges I bought just pushed me over the edge with the price. I figure if I'm going to be paying luxury prices to buy disposable cartridges at Wal-Mart I may as well buy a decent razor and move on up in the world. I...