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  1. Lexbomb

    WTB: Need help from an Australian! Birth year razor.

    Hello my B&B Brethren My big brother is turning 40 in a month and like me is big wet shaving fan. He lives over seas but I am going to visit him in (departing September 9th) I had no idea what to get him and then today it hit me! Birth year razor!!! He was born in September 1977 and I am...
  2. Lexbomb

    Christmas Card Exchange Sign Up Thread

    Yippe I'm in!
  3. Lexbomb

    Thanks B&B...

    great pen, that was the exact same pen I first bought. It also happens to be in the pocket of my work shirt too. Lovely pens
  4. Lexbomb

    So the new Lamy 2000 just came in but.

    I thought it was a joke. We all mess up. My fist pen was a safari and I didn't push the cart all the way in to break the seal. It took me ages too work out why it wouldn't write!
  5. Lexbomb

    What do you hope the 2014 LE fountain pen will be?

    So freaking excited!!
  6. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    All posted guys tracking provided
  7. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Hey guys. Just keeping everyone in the loop. I went to personally drop the great box off but no one was home and I didn't want to leave it as I couldn't see any good hiding spots and I would hate to be the person that gets the box stolen. So I still have it but I will be posting it off tomorrow...
  8. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Well with work being mental and my two weeks up its time for me to pass it onto Khun-diddy. I wish I had more time for try things out but I guess it just wasn't my fortnight. What I did try was great and I'm sure you'll all enjoy it!
  9. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Haha no David just flat out with work, I work for a government sector that is hemorrhaging staff and overwhelmed with work. I have some serious growth on at the moment I'll be shaving tomorrow night
  10. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Another shave today. Sorry no photo. Used my new lady Gillette and out the box I tried mama bears creme brule. Great soap and smashing scent. I finished off with C&E sienna an amazing ASB and also great cream. Very nice shave today it was nice and heart warming. Just what I needed tonight
  11. Lexbomb

    Hobonichi Planner?

    No idea what it is and I'm staying away. I don't need another AD
  12. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Thanks for the info guys. The flare tip looks great but is to mild for me. Also thanks Andy on the brush cleaning tip. I may clean all of mine soon
  13. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Shave number 2. I'm sorry for the poor photos but I don't have the time during the week to pull my light box out and set things up. Almost everything was from the box today. Unfortunately for the people to follow me the 2012 B&B LE is not in the box :lol: However there are two brushes in the...
  14. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    I liked it so much that I'm thinking about swapping it for a couple of items as I know it's costly. I do like to match products or brands as much as I can. Though I do like to experiment with different combos
  15. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Phew I was worried this morning when I couldn't find this thread. I figured it had been deleted and I'd have to keep everything myself, I was really worried!!! :lol: The Kai's are really really great, I think they are better than feathers for me, I was amazed how thick they are though. I...
  16. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    Well after a tough night at gridiron training I decided to treat myself. I'd never tried the blades before and picked up the black beauty the day before for chump change and it was a great combo. Everything else was matched for citrus. Great fresh clean shave. BBS perfection
  17. Lexbomb

    Aussie Pass-around box

    I HAVE THE BOX! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Wow this is a cool box! There is...
  18. Lexbomb

    Special Birthday SOTD

    Happy birthday!!
  19. Lexbomb

    Proraso White Tub

    This is my go to I'm running late soap. Great old faithful
  20. Lexbomb

    New to DE or how I haven't sliced my carotid artery yet.

    Hello and welcome. We started with the exact same kit. You are off to a great start and seem to be developing the addiction. What blades are you using?