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  1. Nobeard

    3 Gillette Pocket editions - user grade, Merkurs, 37C & 34C

    I have 3 user grade Gillette Pocket editions Razor/case 1 has a SHELL design and a LEATHER case, the case is from the period after the "ABC" editions. razor is from 1917 , asking $ 70 and $8 shipping pictures 10-13 in next post Razor/case 2 has a SHELL pattern with parallel...
  2. Nobeard

    is there a Pocket edition rabbit hole?

    I've collected razors and shaving stuff on and off for many years, but mostly for the past 3 years. The first things that caught my eye were Gillette British Aristocrats. Still love them. I have every year fatboy in its proper case. And the toggle version. Lately I've enjoyed bell tube handle...
  3. Nobeard

    Is USPS international shipping still working?

    I've had very good luck shipping and receiving items from around the world. I was wondering if anyone knows if international shipping has been delayed or stopped. I just purchased 2 razors from Australia and was wondering what to expect. I'm located in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA I hade'nt...
  4. Nobeard

    Gillette Milord or Super speed?

    I have several Gillette super speeds along with their respective plastic cases. Recently I was looking at the "Mr Razor" site and noticed that the Milord looks like the super speeds, except that the Milord had a proper, fancier case. Is this an example of the same razor being used for different...
  5. Nobeard

    Rockwell 6S in different finishes?

    I have a rockwell 6S which I love. The finish is sort of a matt grey or silver-ish. And the box that it came in is fairly large. I saw a 6S for sale which looks to be a stainless steel finish and in a much smaller box. Does the 6S come in different finishes?
  6. Nobeard

    FS REX Ambassador and Gillette old type

    I purchased this Rex ambassador about a week ago from a respected member of B&B. I decided that its too agressive for me, so I decided to sell it. I paid $195 for it and that is what I'm asking. It comes with the original box and is in new condition. I will pay for shipping to the CONUS
  7. Nobeard

    I'm liking my bigger badger brushes

    I've accumulated about a dozen badger brushes. Mostly finest badger. They are mostly about 24mm x 50mm or so in size. Recently I've purchesed a 28mm and 30mm badger brushes. At first I was concerned that they looked so much bigger than my other brushes, but I'm finding that I like that big hunk...
  8. Nobeard

    Rockwell 6S or Rex Ambassador?

    I've been trying different razors to find the ones that work for me and the ones that don't. I really like my old gillettes (and collect them), like the flair tip and flair tip with a red knob, the aristocrats, fat boy and slim adj I recently bought a Rockwell 6S and love it. Right now its my...
  9. Nobeard

    Blackland blackbird, Gillette old type w/ case

    I'm selling my blackland blackbird in excellent condition along with its box and blades. $160 shipped to CONUS Also selling my Gillette old type along with its case. The spring on the box door does not keep the case closed completely. $50 shipped to CONUS
  10. Nobeard

    Any experience with replating with platinum ?

    I was looking at a DE razor that has been replated with platinum. Does anyone know if one vendor is better than any others when it comes to replating? The work was done by Backroads Gold. I saw that Razor Emporium says that their plating is thicker than their competitors, but what do I know?
  11. Nobeard

    Do the tips of badger brushes get better at lathering?

    I have a few older badger brushes that develope beautiful creamy peaks during lathering and I love that, except they don't have much, or any backbone. Two that I recently used are a Simpson super badger and a Simpsons manchurian Recently I've developed an urge to try something with more...
  12. Nobeard

    Gillette old type 1921

    Gillette old type #N853944 = 1921 includes metal case and blade safe everything is in excellent condition hinge on door does not completely close $75 plus $8 shipping to the CONUS
  13. Nobeard

    Which modern DE would I like?

    I'm a big fan of Gillette adjustables. My main razor is a slim adjustable. But I like the fatboy, the red tip super speeds. I also have gotten interestes in older Gillettes, the double ring, single ring and the bell tube. I like sharper blades, Pol silvers, gillette Nacet, 7 o'clocks, A...
  14. Nobeard

    FS dbl duck straight, aristo jr, aristo, old type

    Straight razor, dubl duck round point, 5/8 size I bought on this site about a year ago, prev owner said it was newly honed. I used it once and went back to my DE, paid $90, asking $75 plus $6 shipping
  15. Nobeard

    Gillette Executive

    Gillette Executive, approx 1949. This is what the folks ar Razor Emporium said in a video is the most beautiful American Gillette. The razor looks like the English Aristocrats with its spiral design handle and platinum finish. The case is covered in ostrich leather. 1 corner had damage to the...
  16. Nobeard

    Gillette 501 special looks too good?

    I bought a 501 special on ebay recently because it looked to be in mint condition, especially the case. The Gillette diamond in gold looks brand new. Now I'm wondering if it is too good. It may be replated. But I've never seen a case replated. And how did the 'diamond' come to look so fresh and...
  17. Nobeard

    Which case for Gillette gold slim adjustable?

    I have a gold plated slim adjustable that was marketed as an Aristocrat with a dark plastic case. It was probably a christmas thing. I was considering buying a gold adjustable that had no case if it was easy to find the proper case, probably clear plastic. I was wondering if anyone knows what...
  18. Nobeard

    Any places that sell shaving soaps, etc in Manhattan?

    I will be in New York for a week and was wondering if there are any places that sell shaving items like soaps, etc ? I say manhattan because I find it the easiest to navigate. But I will actually be staying in brooklyn
  19. Nobeard


    I recently bought a pre shave gel. The brand is the grooming dept pre shave. I had never used a preshave before. I rubbed some onto my beard as directed. I disliked the sticky feel of the product. However, I went on with my shave vowing to never use the pre shave again Later I noticed that my...
  20. Nobeard

    Shaving info, books or shows?

    I guess that I'm not a newbie since I had razors as a hobby 8 years ago but I lost interest and put my things in a box. During that time I became interested in fountain pens. I still like pens but a few months ago I took out that box of razors, brushes and soaps and renewed my interest in...