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  1. OhioBob

    Did you regret selling your first DE Razor?

    I keep thinking I will sell mine (EJ89) then I think for posterity I should keep it just to remind me where my journey started. Although mild, I still can get great shaves with it since my technique improved.
  2. OhioBob

    One soap for rest of the year

    IMO Stirling is one of the best overall, my second choice is Barrister & Mann I like their Reserve formula.
  3. OhioBob

    What's your soap for today?

    Stirling Barbershop
  4. OhioBob

    Who makes your favorite synthetic shaving brush?

    Simpson & Stirling
  5. OhioBob

    Buying Timeless Razor Help

    Congratulations, you will love it! I have bought two through Scratch & Dent and couldn’t find a flaw either.
  6. OhioBob

    Feather blades, love or hate?

    I keep going back and forth with this blade, love and hate. One shave will be great, next is a blood bath. I use mild razors, yet this blade only seems to work in certain razors. Anyone else have this same opinion?
  7. OhioBob


    Going to go from memory. NDC Gillette Tech 1960 Gillette Tech 1948 Gillette Aristocrat 1949 Gillette Super Speed 1952 Gillette Super Speed 1956 Gillette Flare Tip SS 1963 Gillette Flare Tip SS 1962 Gillette Slim Schick Krona Schick Double Edge Eversharp Double Edge Timeless .68SB Ti Timeless...
  8. OhioBob

    Help buying a Timeless?

    Give it some time, is one of my favorites!
  9. OhioBob

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Schick M Adjustable on 3.5 and Schick Twin blade (lost count) B&M Reserve Classic TOBS Sandalwood AS
  10. OhioBob

    FS Schick E, G1, G8, J2, a Gillette Twinjector and Razorock Hawk V2

    Final price reduction: J2 $25 Gillette Twinjector $25 Free shipping in CONUS please use PayPal G&S
  11. OhioBob

    Help buying a Timeless?

    I have bought two razors from their scratch and dent area and I couldn’t find a thing wrong with them. Others have found scratches and small dents, but is the luck of the draw. Just remember that their return policy does not apply to scratch and dent, so do your research and decide which is...
  12. OhioBob

    Help buying a Timeless?

    From my experience and $.02 worth the Pineapple is a heavy handle and long. What is the length of your favorite handles? I would go with one of the Barber Handles for the grip. Pineapple was not the grippiest handle.
  13. OhioBob

    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Timeless Ti .68SB ATT Windsor SE1 ATT Windsor CM1 ATT Windsor CM1 Timeless Ti .68SB
  14. OhioBob

    FS Schick E, G1, G8, J2, a Gillette Twinjector and Razorock Hawk V2

    Hawk sold pending funds. Still available: J2 and Gillette Twinjector both at $30 each.
  15. OhioBob

    FS Schick E, G1, G8, J2, a Gillette Twinjector and Razorock Hawk V2

    Price reduction: J2 $30 Gillette Twinjector $30 Hawk V2 $20
  16. OhioBob


    Get BBS almost every shave. Two passes now, WTG, XTG and touchup.
  17. OhioBob

    FS Schick E, G1, G8, J2, a Gillette Twinjector and Razorock Hawk V2

    E3, G1 and G8 sold. Still available: J2, Gillette Trac Two Injector, and Hawk V2. One correction, looked more closely and only one blade left in J2 injector.