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  1. krawlx

    Pacquiao v. Margarito

    Thought I'd post a thread for thoughts and comments on the upcoming fight between these two. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it, as I generally disagree that Margarito should be able to cash such a large paycheck after the hand wrap fiasco. But, I guess I would rather see this fight...
  2. krawlx

    Men's Suit Website

    I now have a tailor that I trust, and the shop did a fantastic job on my first bespoke suit. But, it was simple: a very dark navy blue. Now I am thinking of going to get a second in a month or so, and want to start looking for something in a light brown, possibly with some pattern. I'm...
  3. krawlx

    Leather-soled Shoes

    I've been searching for a pair of formal dress shoes, and after some debate decided to treat them as an investment. So, rather than laying down for a pair of shoes I might not be completely happy with and would replace after a couple years, I bought a pair of beautiful Bruno Magli's. I know the...
  4. krawlx

    The Google Members' Map

    Every now and then I like to open the Google map of the members of the B&B. But, there are only 699 pegs! 699 might sound like a lot but we have nearly 12,000 members. So, if you haven't done so yet...make your mark.
  5. krawlx

    For Dub Fans

    I am looking for some good dub artists right now. I've been listening to Dubstep for a couple years now, and am getting into reggae a bit more these days. But, I need to find that happy medium of rich bass and texture without the pep and feel-good of a lot of reggae, and without the darkness...
  6. krawlx

    I Love My Stubble

    Fine....I admit it. In the midst of all the BBS barons I love my stubble. I do my best to shave it off 5 or 6 days out of seven. But, the day or two I don't shave I love the feeling of the stubble against the back of my hand as I faceterbate. Am I alone?
  7. krawlx


    I recently saw a thread that was a series of pictures of Pasteur's in NYC. At least I think it was Pasteur's. I did a search and nothing comes up. Can anyone link me to this? I ask because my girlfriend will be in NYC in a few weeks and she's going to pick me up some goodies so I want to...
  8. krawlx

    Margarito vs. Cotto

    Did anyone catch this fight? Thoughts? Cotto looked great through the first five rounds, but by the ninth round he was looking pretty busted up. I saw Maragrito's previous fight against a huge puncher in Kermit Cintron (on the undercard of Cotto's last fight) and after seeing those two...
  9. krawlx

    On Getting Motivated

    The past month I've had ZERO motivation to do anything. Perhaps it's the weather. The rainy season is in full swing and it's a constant 95%~100% humidity at all times. Perhaps it's just knowing that in a month I'm going to be slammed with work and studies. I'm sure it's a combination of...
  10. krawlx

    Generation Kill

    Just starting a thread to see if anyone else is watching this new miniseries on HBO. I was a huge fan of The Wire and have high expectations as this series progresses.
  11. krawlx

    Schick Injector.....Grrrrrr

    My friend was at a shop in northern Seoul and saw this item displayed. But, the shop owner says they're (apparently there are about seven of them) just decorations and not for sale! What the!? I wonder how I can change his mind.
  12. krawlx

    EO as Cologne?

    I have a small bottle of ylang ylang EO sitting around, and as I like the smell I've decided to simply put a drop of this on my wrist to use as my daily cologne. Anyone else do this? Or...if not...why not?
  13. krawlx

    I'm Unplugging

    After dealing with my internet provider several times over the past few months due to my internet being shoddy I've decided to just go ahead and cut my link to th internet all together in my home. I know that to a lot of you this probably isn't a big deal. But, over the past several years I've...
  14. krawlx

    Depleting Your Stash

    In the time I've been wetshaving I've gathered a modest collection of goodies, and am now going to attempt to use everything in my stash before I think about adding anything else. I'm excited about working through everything, but it's a long road ahead and the progress, as you all know, will be...
  15. krawlx

    Triple-Milled Brush Loading Problem (C&E Sienna)

    I've been trying to crack this nut for the past two weeks, but just can't figure it out. Like many soap users I'm a face-latherer, and with all of my soaps I can generally load the brush with much more than enough soap for six passes. My Col. Conks all do this flawlessly, as well as my...
  16. krawlx

    The Darjeeling Limited

    Last night I went to see this film at a great independent theatre. I can't say this movie was great, but not a terrible movie either. Anyway..I'm not here to critique the movie. During two of the scenes Adrien Brody's character is shaving with "dad's razor", and while they never give a good...
  17. krawlx

    A question on the Slant

    While I was in the U.S. recently I picked up the Merkur Slant after hearing so many good things about it. Here's what I've noticed: if I have a few days growth the Slant gives me an amazing shave. Simply fantastic. However, if it's only been 24 hours the Slant does not do me any favors. I...
  18. krawlx

    Your go to neck tie knot

    Just curious as to who uses which knot. I used to use the Shelby most often, and perhaps this is also known as the Small knot, but I'm not entirely certain on that one. But, these days I've switched over to the half-windsor. How about the rest of B&B? *Edit* As pointed out below, this...
  19. krawlx

    C&E Sienna

    A friend of mine (whom I gifted an M-P brush, several blade packs, and a Feather TTO) was recently in Toronto to visit family for the holidays surprised me with a puck of C&E Sienna. I checked the review section and searched the forums but didn't see many comments on this soap. Anyone have any...
  20. krawlx

    Brush Prices

    My SBAD is experiencing a serious flare-up, and I've just finished looking through nearly every brush review. One thing I noticed is that even though there is a rank for the price no one explicitly states the price of their brush. It's not a major problem as I can just google it and come up...