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  1. Macfrommichigan

    Soap residue

    What do you think? Are boar or horse or badger brushes more likely to retain soap residue than synthetic? Are hard soaps harder to rinse from a brush than croaps or creams? Have you noted any specific brands or types that are challenging to rinse from brushes?
  2. Macfrommichigan


    Oy! So far I have tried Tums, baking soda & water, and peppermint Life Savers. What's your go to over the counter or homemade fix? Mac
  3. Macfrommichigan

    Stale bread

    In a futile effort to lose a few pounds I have been eating very little bread. And now I am craving crostini/bruschetta. (Not being Italian, to me they are very similar, with crostini being smaller, thinner.) Any favorite, unusual or unique toppings you recommend?
  4. Macfrommichigan

    High cost of dying

    A former neighbor passed away a week ago. I went online, typed in his name, the name of the funeral home. At the site there was an option to download a price list for funeral home services. Golly, and I thought my optometry office was good at upcharge options! Everything at the funeral home...
  5. Macfrommichigan

    MWF + Earwig?!

    Lifted the loose lid on a puck of MWF this morning. It was used two days ago. The puck is nearing the end, BTW. A #%&@ earwig was in the container! I had no idea they were fans of MWF. Ugh, and yuck.
  6. Macfrommichigan

    Carolina Wrens

    There are little eggs in one of the potted plants on the deck. The parents are making a lot of fuss, lot of noise. My better half is delighted.
  7. Macfrommichigan

    Female centric films

    With all the favorite movie lists being discussed here, thought I would turn this on its head and see if there are any gal pal films you made it through. A League of Their Own Thelma & Louise Steel Magnolias
  8. Macfrommichigan

    VW Bug

    VW says the very last bug will roll off the line in Mexico this week. I seem to recall someone floating the idea of an electric VW van, tho. Interesting concept.
  9. Macfrommichigan

    RIP Ross Perot

    Computer guy and independent candidate Ross Perot has passed.
  10. Macfrommichigan

    Everyone knows a moocher

    I was just chatting with a fellow I know, and we got around to talking about so and so, and what a mooch she is. And later I thought how many I have encountered over the years. There's the guy at work who borrows twenty bucks and you have to hound him for a month to get it back. There's the...
  11. Macfrommichigan

    Electric razors: 1950s GM cars

    In the 50's an accessory on GM cars was an electric razor which could work on house current or be plugged into the cigarette lighter. I knew these existed, but did not realize GM offered the option. Gee, talk about distracted driving!
  12. Macfrommichigan

    Things you don't see anymore

    Telephone booths. Magic Fingers vibrating beds. Cigarette machines. Soda fountains. Kids playing ball in the streets. Curb feelers. And______
  13. Macfrommichigan

    Solar clothes drying

    The Wall St. Journal just ran a story on the old fashioned practice of drying clothes on a line in the yard. More popular in Europe than here in the states, tho a drive in the country might reveal sheets on a line. Gosh, sure remember how good clothes smelled from being in the sun. Pretty...
  14. Macfrommichigan

    FT Proraso boar

    Just for fun I bought a Proraso boar, approximately 27x60mm. Heck, it works as well as any brush I've owned. Have used it about ten times, so just breaking in, actually. Thing is, I don't really need it. Looking to trade for blades, thinking maybe 50 Gillette 7 O'clock Yellows, CONUS, each of us...
  15. Macfrommichigan


    Here's a challenging question: What has held you back, or what did you need to overcome, on your life's journey? Education? Economic hardship? Health issues? What has been a struggle? Still chasing a goal, or swimming against the tide?
  16. Macfrommichigan

    I'm a peeping Tom....

    Well, sorta. You won't find me peeping in your window. However, as I stroll the neighborhood on my morning walk, I do take considerable interest in my neighbors' garages. Mind you, I live in a condo with only carports. But all around me are suburban homes with 2.5 car garages. And at 7:00 or...
  17. Macfrommichigan

    Dinner guest from Heck

    Doing a little dinner party tonight. Alas, outlaws. And one of 'em is a pain, in numerous ways, and particularly diet du jour. She never eats mushrooms. Other no-nos come and go. Right now anything acidic, spicy, anything from the nightshade family, and carbs will supposedly cause her lips to...
  18. Macfrommichigan

    Disposable flashlights

    Golly, they are now harder to find than a vegan at a pig roast. Garrity makes em. About $5.50 at Tru Value Hardware. I like to keep a couple in the bedrooms in the event of a power outage. They seem to hold a charge for 5-6 years. :-) Visited multiple stores before I found them today.
  19. Macfrommichigan

    Dentist blues

    Well, heck. Been seeing the same dentist for 30+ years. However, he sold the practice, semi-retired, and joined a fancy office. Love this guy, but can't afford the new rates. OMG $$$. I'm 68, and hate the idea of finding a new dentist. Yuck.
  20. Macfrommichigan

    Drunken Shopping

    Was just in the car with the radio on and Detroit's WWJ ran a story 'bout folks, mostly baby boomers, making online purchases fueled by alcohol. Seems $200-$300 per year is the amount per drinker spent on dubious online purchases in the state of Michigan. I'm shocked. Expected higher numbers...