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  1. KindestCutofAll


    This is a partial list, but this is most of my DEs. I moved a few months back and I couldn't find 4 or 5 (rarely used) vintage Gillette razors that I know I have. I'll have to search for them this weekend. Most are great shavers. It takes some effort to keep my rotation at 7. I just picked up...
  2. KindestCutofAll

    RazoRock HMW, RazoRock Chubby Silvertip, or Zenith 27.5 Manchurian

    I need you input on these three brushes. Cost aside, my three choices are the RazoRock HMW, RazoRock Chubby Silvertip, and the Zenith 27.5 Manchurian
  3. KindestCutofAll

    Boar - Drippy to Lather Black Hole

    Sorry, not Boar I meant Badger!!! I know that personal preferences are subjective. That being said I'm looking for that sweet spot. I already own about 15 shaving brushes (a mere drop in the bucket I know). I'm looking for that sweet spot between drippy synthetics and lather hog naturals. I...
  4. KindestCutofAll

    Thanksgiving Day PIF: Georgetown Pottery G12 Scuttle

    I'm Scotch Irish, and I believe the Scottish and Irish can appreciate your humor. :lol: I'm in!
  5. KindestCutofAll

    Win a free Shavetools STSS Razor from Shavetools.com.

    I'm in! Having reached 50 I have a grey beard made of wire. I dulled expensive cartridges and looked like I could pan handle at freeway off ramps by Noon. I actually kept a short beard because I hated shaving so much. I found Badger and Blade and learned I could that I actually could enjoy a...
  6. KindestCutofAll

    *closed* New Steward PIF *closed*

    I'm in. Papa was what my kids called my father and that's what they taught their children to call me. Knowing how much my kids loved my father, this was a huge honor.
  7. KindestCutofAll

    *CLOSED* Lovgren & Daughter Shaving Brush Giveaway *CLOSED*

    I'm in. The are too nice to pass up the opportunity! Thanks
  8. KindestCutofAll

    1934 '501 Special Set' - Chicago Worlds Fair, Century of Progress Exposition

    I'd find that one hard to use. That's display material. Congratulations
  9. KindestCutofAll

    Big ol' razors

    What I wouldn't give to find one of those. Was it NOS in the box?
  10. KindestCutofAll

    Big ol' razors

    I have a few of them to work on myself. This prompted me to move two of my razors (A Wosty and another W&B Wedge) up in the restore process.
  11. KindestCutofAll

    Big ol' razors

    My beard grows pretty fast. So after a 7 day hiatus, I had a certified beard. This morning I Lathered up with some Nancy Boy Replenishing Shaving cream. Great stuff! Then, figuring a big job required big equipment, I stropped up my Wade & Butcher 15/16 wedge. It amazes me. You look at a full...
  12. KindestCutofAll

    Let Me Introduce Myself As Your New Steward

    Congrats Erich! Glad to have you herding the cats.
  13. KindestCutofAll

    Serious Question: Tobacco Type Shaving Soaps & Aftershaves

    You sound like you really want to avoid smoking again. My father tried quitting several times. The smell kept brining him back. He died of From complications of emphysema and heard disease. Both were related directly to smoking. I recommend you steer clear rather than flirt with any of the...
  14. KindestCutofAll

    My First Wade and Butcher

    Love the big W&Bs. Great restore from Doc. Looks like it'll continue to be a "Celebrated" razor.
  15. KindestCutofAll

    Father's Day PIF

    I'm in and use both Safety and Straight razors, thanks!
  16. KindestCutofAll

    Best low cost cream?

    Mem is an olive oil based Israeli shaving cream. Regular and a green one I vaguely remember as a Eucalyptus scent. I like the Regular. Lathers easily and is VERY moisturizing. Very cheap in Israel, but almost impossible to find in the U.S. I have a tube that another member Davizera (David) from...