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  1. Galius

    Barbasol Pacific Rush--What the heck?

    I recently bought some Barbasol Pacific Rush AS, and my experience was not good. I know it has a good reputation here and my initial thought was that all the positive talk about it was a joke by some of the older members to get the noobs to perform a hazing ritual on themselves. Maybe...
  2. Galius

    Firewall test

    De Seville
  3. Galius

    Deciding if I like the silvertip...

    So I'm lathering up with my Shavemac 177 silvertip, as soft as can be, it feels like rubbing Grandma's fur coat on my face. I'm trying to decide if I like it or not. Suddenly Grandma bursts into the bathroom, holding a switch. I get the ***-whipping of my lifetime for getting shave cream all...
  4. Galius

    Neck/chin shaving tip

    I've noticed lately that I get a lot of weepers/razorburn under my chin. I finally realized why: on my final pass, I go ATG, South-to-North. Right where my jawbone meets my neck, the angle changes ever-so-slightly, causing the blade to scrape. I think I'm going to modify my routine to...