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  1. Lexbomb

    WTB: Need help from an Australian! Birth year razor.

    Hello my B&B Brethren My big brother is turning 40 in a month and like me is big wet shaving fan. He lives over seas but I am going to visit him in (departing September 9th) I had no idea what to get him and then today it hit me! Birth year razor!!! He was born in September 1977 and I am...
  2. Lexbomb

    Going overseas

    Hi guys. I'm heading to Bali in a couple of months to visit my brother. I know I won't find anything nice fountain pen related but my question is more the flight. I will have plenty of time on the flight to do some writing but I am unsure how to prepare my pen to avoid burps and leaking. Should...
  3. Lexbomb

    My Pelikan had a baby.

    Hello Gents, I was perusing the local online auction house and came across a nice Pelikan and some other junkers for a very decent price. I happily paid for them and they where promptly posted to me. When they arrived the gentleman had decided the best way to post them was to collect all 9 pens...
  4. Lexbomb

    Highlighter proof ink

    Hi guys, I sometimes have to highlighter over things I have written at work and I am yet to find an ink that doesn't smudge like mad when I run a highlighter over it. I'm not talking about right after I write but even if I wait a couple of minutes it still smudges the ink. Am I the only one...
  5. Lexbomb

    Need some starter advice

    Hello gents, Well I've been lurking the leaf more and more lately dipping my toes in threads. The time has come to actually try a pipe! I haven't smoked anything since I quit cigarettes 4 years ago and I now want something to smoke once or twice a week when relaxing out the back writing...
  6. Lexbomb

    The everyday carry thread

    Hello fellow B&Bers I have decided that I want to carry a diary and fountain pen with me at all times. I work in a jail and mobile phones are not aloud in so we all carry a diary for our roster and reports ect, but then when I leave work the diary stays in the top pocket of my uniform so...
  7. Lexbomb

    Got a bargain pen!

    Hi guys, Just scored one of my dream pens on the 'bay just now. I have always wanted a Lamy 2000 but they are just out of my price range and today I got one for what I would think is a flaming good price a whole $60! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181206530851 Really happy I...
  8. Lexbomb

    Any news on a 2013 B&B LE

    Hi guys, The end of the year is getting close by the minute and my 2011 and 2012 B&B LE's are getting lonely, so does anyone have any secret ins on a 2013 brush! And to the people with no idea like me; what are you hoping to see out of 2013
  9. Lexbomb

    B&b le 2013?

    Hey guys, I know these hasn't been much news on at 2013 B&B LE so I thought I would check if there are any speculations going around and if there aren't then what would people like out of the next LE? I'm thinking something a little different than the last few but I can't put my finger on what...
  10. Lexbomb

    Help me restore my Parker Vacumatic

    Hey Guys, So I bought a Vacumatic on eBay for a pretty good price, too good a price! http://www.ebay.com/itm/181084210508?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I got it in the mail today and went to test it with some water and nothing happened. Turns out there is no bladder in it...
  11. Lexbomb

    scared to start.

    Hi guys. I quit cigarettes about 4 years ago now, I'm 25 now and I'm thinking I want to casually start smoking a pipe but I am worried about it kicking in an addiction again and the thought of cancer scares me. I'm also a big fitness freak and I'm concerned smoking a pipe will really effect me...
  12. Lexbomb

    B&B buyers challange

    OK gents so lately I have been going a little mad with B&B gear from the amazing boar brush to the fountain pen to inks to coffee cups. Now I know not all of this is LE or numbered but I have a challenge. Who here accepts the challenge with me of buying everything B&B this year? So no matter...
  13. Lexbomb

    Help me complete my custom!

    Hey guys, So Jeness is building me one bad *** looking custom. I emailed me a while ago asking for him to make me something really scary looking and kind of dragon or snake like. He has made me one wild looking straight and we have decided to leave the final touches to the wise men on B&B! So...
  14. Lexbomb

    I went on Ebay again

    So it has been a long time since I've gone on Ebay, I'm about to buy a house so I'm pinching my pennies (or cents for the Aussies). Well yesterday I went on just to have a little look online:sneaky2: 3 straights later I'm wondering what happened. The first I got because I just liked the scales...
  15. Lexbomb

    Do you ever use a DE

    Hi gents, I have about 16 shave ready straights and maybe the same in restoration, but yesterday I decided to grab the DE; I was not running late and if I am I just dont shave as I no longer make it a chore. It's the first time I have used a DE in almost a year and I did enjoy it but I...
  16. Lexbomb

    Pocket diary calendar

    Hi guys, I have to carry a pocket calender book in the top pocket of my work shirt at all times. My issue is that the one I bought from the news stand that cost $2 doesn't get along well with even a fine nib of my safari no matter what ink I put in it, it just seeps through to the next page...
  17. Lexbomb

    My new Brian Brown +

    Hi guys, So my Brian Brown finally arrived last week so I thought I will share. Brian said that this was the oddest request he has ever had; My self and my tattoo artist have started planning my next sleeve tattoo and my wife (who works at the store) jokingly said that I should get a straight...
  18. Lexbomb

    Kamisori chip fix

    Hi guys, I didn't know if I should post this in the restoration section or the honing section, after hours of fretting about it I decided to play it safe and post here:wacko: So I bought a kamisori on the evilbay, I have not received it yet but in the photos for the add there is a tiny chip...
  19. Lexbomb

    Look what I just bought

    Could not be more happy with this, I think with a bit of a polish it will look great, if the leather needs replacing then that's fine also because I have a guy at work who makes all our police belts, gun holsters ect and he has made a few strops out of kangaroo leather and he has said that he...
  20. Lexbomb

    Stropping Kamisori

    Hi Guys, So I bought a Kamisori of a B&B member and it arrived yesterday and I'm going to shave with it tonight. Its amazingly sharp and easily passes the HHT. My question is how do you strop it? Do you strop like you hone them 10-1 or 7-3 or do you just strop like a normal straight. I tried...