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  1. Gigabitz

    Quality Boar Brush

    Hey All, I was wondering who makes quality boar brushes. Is it mainly Omega, or are there others? I have a couple nice Silvertips, but I'm actually interested in a nice boar brush. Thoughts? Recommendations?
  2. Gigabitz

    Taylor Eton College is Dead to Me

    I've seen others ask this same question, but I've never seen the question answered definitively. So, I'll go ahead and state it: Taylor's Eton College has changed - DEFINITELY CHANGED. The first tub of cream I ever purchased was Taylor Eton College. I purchased it after smelling Eton College...
  3. Gigabitz

    Most Relaxing Video - Mama Bear Shaving Soap

    Ok, I went to Mama Bear's site, and I watched the video they have embedded in the page showing soap lathering. I just about fell asleep from watching it, it's so relaxing. Here it is. Enjoy. mDsptQLRA00
  4. Gigabitz

    I got a Wade & Butcher for $10 at an Antique Store

    Hi All, I bought this razor about two and a half years ago, when I first got into this community, but I've never done anything with it. Could some of you guys (who surely know more than me), tell me whether this is worth putting any money into having restored? And are there going rates...
  5. Gigabitz

    Has shaving gear gotten more affordable?

    I've been away from the habit for at least a year and a half, and I'm noticing that prices seem to be lower, with a lot of affordable gear in both retail and classifieds. Am I trippin? I don't remember being able to buy quality brushes anywhere near the prices I'm seeing. My Kent cost me almost...
  6. Gigabitz

    Eton College Cologne

    Hi all, When I first got into "real" shaving (2008), I fell in love with Taylor's Eton College shaving cream. I love the smell - it's the most relaxing part of my day when I shave with it. I also bought the Eton College cologne to go with it, but I ended up selling it, because it smelled...
  7. Gigabitz

    Happy to be a re-tread

    I started wet-shaving back in 2008, and I kinda got away from it. Just coming back now. I researched wet-shaving because I was tired of the costs of blades going up and up. I knew so little about how to shave, that I didn't even know there was any way to shave that would eliminate...
  8. Gigabitz

    Newbie Reporting

    Hi B&B, I've been hanging out here for a few days, reading up and watching the B/S/T posts, and I just never got around to posting an introduction, so here it is. I've had quite the trip the last couple months finding out about wet shaving and making my first purchases. I actually started...