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  1. nelamvr6

    What happens when a vendor has a sale on ink samples

    I went a little nuts during Goulet's ink sample sale...
  2. nelamvr6

    Mail Call from Brad Sears

    Got a nice package in the mail today, my new Morris & Forndran Alibaba with a 26mm Lee Sabini finest knot:
  3. nelamvr6

    Mail Call from Brad Sears

    Very impressed with the workmanship!
  4. nelamvr6

    Mail Call from Paladin

    My tortoise beehive arrived yesterday. I'll try to get a pic up later today. Two things really impressed me: The feel of this handle is incredible! It really has some heft to it! It feels substantial, it has gravitas! Second, the smell of this knot is great! I can tell that Ken and company...
  5. nelamvr6

    Paladin Brush Release tonight, 3/15/17

    Did anyone else manage to get one? I snagged the very one I wanted! Turns out they were all gone in five minutes! I feel really lucky!
  6. nelamvr6

    Mail call from Alberta

    My new Wolfman arrived! It's a WR1 SB polished, with a WRH1 polished handle. My first shave with it will be tonight, I can hardly wait! I'm sorry for the poor quality of my photos, but I had to post them! That's a brushed finish stand that I bought from a forum member, I have a...
  7. nelamvr6

    Which razors use the blade corner for alignment?

    Having just succeeded in ordering a new Wolfman, my curiosity drove me to start looking into James' work. I finally started looking more closely at his other razor, the BBS-1, and I was struck by the design. I have never seen that alignment scheme used before. Are there any other razors that...
  8. nelamvr6

    WTB - Wolfman Stand

    I'm looking to buy a Wolfman Polished Stand to fit a WRH1 handle. I'm willing to pay up to $100 plus shipping for a new unused mint condition stand.
  9. nelamvr6

    Holy cow! I finally managed to order a Wolfman today!

    There I was, diligently working, trying to make my boss proud, when what should happen? I received a text alerting me that Wolfman Razors had just tweeted that he had added stock to his store! I don't think that I've moved that fast in decades! I had my browser opened and was clicking the...
  10. nelamvr6

    Mail Call: Package from Bernd!

    Got some nice toys from Germany! The red marble is my first brush with the D01 2 Band knot. the other is of course the LE Xmas brush. Can't wait to give them a go!
  11. nelamvr6

    Mail call from Above The Tie

    Got my first slant! An ATT S1. Can't wait to give it a test run!
  12. nelamvr6

    Let's See your Shavemac Collections!

    I hope no one minds, I borrowed an idea for a thread from a gent at TSN... Here is my Shavemac collection so far: The 3 Shavemacs in the front are straight from Bernd, the balance all have Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip knots. There are 2 Rudy Veys in the fron row, 2 Wolf Whiskers in the back...
  13. nelamvr6

    My blade split down the middle

    Something strange happened. I will be traveling home today, so I'm packing. When I took my razor apart I discovered that the Gillette Nacet I had used for 5 shaves had broken in half down the middle. My last shave was not negatively affected, I still got a nice DFS+ with no irritation. I...
  14. nelamvr6

    Nacet = WOW!

    Just tried a Gillette Nacet for the first time last night. All I can say is WOW!!! Even though it was the first shave on the blade, and I have every reason that tonight's 2nd shave will be even better, the shave was fantastic! The blade was really sharp, almost scary sharp, but was also so...
  15. nelamvr6

    Mail call from Leo Frilot of PerFectWoodworks

    After seeing some posts from member Ronweston of his custom brushes from Leo Frilot of PerFectWoodworks, I had to contact Leo myself. Leo was a pleasure to deal with, and he made me an incredible brush! That's a Shavemac 2 band silvertip knot.
  16. nelamvr6

    Any theories on why Polsilver SIs get smoother with use?

    I had my second shave on a Polsilver SI this evening, and sure enough, it was smoother than the first. If this week goes anything like the previous two, this blade will keep getting smoother with every shave. Does anyone have any theories on why this happens? Does this happen with any other...
  17. nelamvr6

    New Paladin Brushes

    Did any of you guys join the fun on the Paladin site today? They released about 50 new brushes. They're all gone now, but I managed to snag a Falstaff in strawberry amber:
  18. nelamvr6

    Stirling Orange Chill = WOW!

    Tried my bottle of Stirling Orange Chill for the first time since the weather's turned, and holy moley! This was a really chill blast! The orange scent was great too, I think I experienced at least a little cooling from the scent alone! But the menthol blast was amazing! I'd put it right up...
  19. nelamvr6

    My preparations for the Shavepocalypse are progressing nicely!

    I have 400 more on the way. I think I'll be ready!
  20. nelamvr6

    First Shave With a Pils 101NE

    My new Pils 101NE arrived in the mail today, so tonight I shaved with it for the first time. I had read here about the heavy weight, especially in the head, but my daily driver is an Above The Tie R1, not exactly light. So the weight was not a problem. I had also read that the correct angle...