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  1. nachum

    Rooney Brushes 40% off at VintageBlades

    you guys suck! i just bought 2 brushes!
  2. nachum

    Great deal on chairs - heads up

    I just ordered some too!
  3. nachum


  4. nachum

    Terrible Experience With iKon and I Haven't Even Purchased Yet

    I've had a few dealings with Greg, all positive. My favorite two razors are both Ikons.
  5. nachum

    FS Lot of Art of Shaving Tallow Sandalwood pucks

    BTW, I used to be able to load pics without a problem from photobucket. Now, when I try to load, it gives the message that the URL is invalid. What has changed? What do I need to do differently?
  6. nachum

    FS Lot of Art of Shaving Tallow Sandalwood pucks

    I have for sale a lot of 4 sealed AOS sandalwood tallow pucks. These are sealed in the original wrapper, no box. All 4 for $50 shipped in the USA. That's $12.50 each including shipping!
  7. nachum

    Kaweco Sport eyedropper

    I'm a newbie to fountain pens and loving them. What does it mean to eyedropper a pen? I actually just received a Kaweco sport in a trade and haven't used it yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. nachum

    WTS: AOS Tallow, Feather Pro Blades WTT: MdC unscented, RR Kiyara slant

    I have some things for trade and sale. I'm having trouble uploading pics. If anyone can give me a heads up, that would be great. Anyway, here's what I've got... FOR SALE Art of Shaving Tallow Sandalwood, sealed pucks, no box. These are new and unused. I have several. $15 each plus...
  9. nachum

    WTT: My MdC, MWF, St James, Spyderco for your fountain pens

    I have found a new obsession and her name is fountain pen. I'd love to trade some/all of the following for fountain pens. Let me know what you have. I'm not sure why I can't post pics. I think something has changed. Anyway, here's what I've got... BNIB Martin de Candre in Fougere, original...
  10. nachum

    Does anyone else like the Cobra more than the Mongoose?

    I had a Cobra a while back and enjoyed using it. In a fit of selling madness, I sold it. I then got on the list for the Mongoose and couldn't wait for it to come. I kept hearing about how the Mongoose is so much better than the Cobra. Mine landed and I loaded her up. I found the shave to be...
  11. nachum

    Martin de Candre - I finally get it!

    I purchased and tried MdC a couple of times and sold them both. I thought it felt too much like soap on my face and was too bubbly. I decided to try one more time and I am now in love with MdC. It starts off soapy and bubbly. When I take the time to really work it into my face, it turns into...
  12. nachum

    Old Town Shaving Co.

    I have had nothing but positive dealings with Damon at Old Town Shaving.
  13. nachum

    Mongoose incoming. what blades should i buy?

    I finally have a Mongoose incoming. What blades are you guys using with this or the Cobra? What are the differences between them? Best place to buy? Thanks! BTW, am I in for a real treat?
  14. nachum

    #92 2011 R41 and a Vintage Slim

  15. nachum

    #20 Unobtainable B&B LE 2014 Brush

    i'd really like this one! $215
  16. nachum

    #20 Unobtainable B&B LE 2014 Brush

    $180 - rudy is the man!