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  1. LeGaulois

    Supply: The Single Edge V2!

    I'm still hoping for a special head for twin blades.
  2. LeGaulois

    RazoRock SLOC DE razor

    Very good idea.
  3. LeGaulois

    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    The new batch will be even better.
  4. LeGaulois

    Compare the ATT G1 to the Blackland Sabre

    I found the Sabre lvl1 more efficient than the G1 v1.
  5. LeGaulois

    Above the Tie - Father's Day Sale

    I ordered one ATT SE1 Aluminium.
  6. LeGaulois


    Very beautiful.
  7. LeGaulois

    Any Love for Bentley Cologne??

    Intense is very good.
  8. LeGaulois

    Dunhill for Men (1934)

    I like also.
  9. LeGaulois

    First shave with the ATT SE1

    No, I like my SE2.
  10. LeGaulois

    New "Windsor" razor from Above The Tie

    Thank you Stan :001_smile I'm ready.
  11. LeGaulois

    New "Windsor" razor from Above The Tie

    I'd a dream : SE1 and SE2 (SS or Copper)
  12. LeGaulois

    Hair product for Thick short hair

    Incredible :a20:
  13. LeGaulois

    ATT SE2

    I'm agree with you.
  14. LeGaulois

    Oud Scented AS

    Oud Neroli
  15. LeGaulois

    RAZORINE.....anybody use one ??

    You are lucky.
  16. LeGaulois

    FS L’Essor, RARE french DE razor !

    It's a very good razor, very efficient.
  17. LeGaulois

    RAZORINE.....anybody use one ??

    I've the same problem with the blade and the cap.