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  1. Stevew443

    Journaling - What do you use?

    I keep a journal from time to time also as a means to keep my handwriting up to snuff and to just write down some things that happen during the day. My sweet wife found a beautiful leather journal with an eitz chaim (tree of life) embossed on the cover and I dearly love the journal (I also...
  2. Stevew443

    What Tea/Tisane Are You Drinking?

    I am working on a pot of Keemun tea. I order it in 5 pound bags and have at least one pot a day in an effort to get moving for another night at work.
  3. Stevew443

    Too many tea infusion options!

    I use a Curve tea pot and the stainless infuser that came with it is great. I usually only make tea by the pot, and the Curve pot I have is perfect for about 3 large mugs of tea. I also have a couple of Finum infusers for my larger tea pots that came without infusers. They work very well...
  4. Stevew443

    Do you still write in cursive?

    I am 64 years old and was taught cursive in grade school. By the time I got to high school my writing was a mix of cursive and printing. The older I got the messier my writing became. I once had a job where I had to sign my name on various forms at least 50 times a day and my signature became...
  5. Stevew443

    What do you use your pens for?

    I use my fountain pens for writing everything from my journal to letters to checks to notes. I refuse to use anything other than one of my fountain pens. To write with anything less is just too horrid a thought to consider.
  6. Stevew443

    What's the best meal (or meals) you've ever had?

    About 4 years ago I was hospitalized with pancreatitis and was in a coma for about 3 weeks. I was on an IV diet the entire time. When it came time for me to break my fast, I was given a small serving of chocolate pudding. That pudding tasted so good that I cried from the delight of eating it...
  7. Stevew443

    Nib Acquisitions: February 2016

    I just ordered a 1.5 MM stub nib for my Lamy Studio today. I find that I don't use the Lamy as much as I use my Sheaffer 300, so I figured a different nib might get me to switch off a bit more often.
  8. Stevew443

    International Pipe Smoking Day 2/20

    I am finishing up the holiday by smoking some 11 year old 2015 in a JBK Poker that I have had for so long I forget when or where I got it. It has been a good day for smoking because I was unable to sleep today. Now I am at work and must try to stay awake.
  9. Stevew443

    International Pipe Smoking Day 2/20

    Happy IPSD everyone. I cracked open a jar of McClelland's 2015 that I put away in April 2005 and I am smoking it in a MM Mark Twain cob. The aroma from the tobacco as I opened the jar was heavenly and the taste of the tobacco is beyond description. I will be smoking as often as I can today.
  10. Stevew443

    Paper Choice

    For my personal thoughts and journal, I use a SCM Steno Notebook. It has a top ring, and 80 sheets of greenish paper that takes ink very well and is available at almost any office supply store for next to nothing. My letter writing is done on Clairefontaine Triomphe.
  11. Stevew443

    "P" for "Pipe" / "P" for "PIF"

    I am not in, but that is a wonderful pipe to give away. That has always been one of my favorite shapes, and I ended up selling all of mine a few years ago. One of these days I will get another but that will happen when it is meant to happen. Savinelli makes a great pipe and whoever wins it...
  12. Stevew443

    Dinner or Supper?

    I always would take a meal with me to work in a dinner bucket which I ate in the middle of the day, so the mid day meal was dinner. The evening meal is supper.
  13. Stevew443

    White Whiskey

    You could pick up a small oak barrel that are being offered and age it yourself. You may end up with something worth drinking.
  14. Stevew443

    I want to like coffee, was it an acquired taste?

    When I was very young (about age 4 or 5), my father would take a little coffee and mix it with milk and sugar and pour it over bread for me. It was about the only dessert we could afford back then. By the time I was 10 I was drinking it black and at the height of my coffee drinking I was going...
  15. Stevew443

    What Pen are you waiting for?

    I just received a Noodler's Flex nib on Friday and I am quite happy with its performance. I am awaiting a set of Zebra Comic nibs. I should be getting them on Tuesday if the mail does not mess things up.
  16. Stevew443

    National Handwriting Contest

    A careful reading of the rules indicates that the winner will be selected by a random draw, so I figure we all have an equal chance at this.
  17. Stevew443

    National Handwriting Contest

    I know that by posting this here I am lessening my chances of winning, but perhaps someone here might be interested and may even win. http://www.fahrneyspens.com/content--name-National-Handwriting-Contest
  18. Stevew443

    Your 2016 Nib Resolutions!

    I am seriously working on improving my cursive writing. I have been working on that project daily since the end of December and I already see big improvements. I would like to learn a bit of calligraphy, so I picked up some nibs and a holder and once I get to the point where my cursive is...
  19. Stevew443

    What Pen are you waiting for?

    I just ordered a J. Herbin glass dip pen. I got a Speedball dip pen with a few nibs so I can practice calligraphy and I fell in love with using a dip pen, so I thought I would give the J. Herbin a shot. It was so inexpensive that even if I don't like using it I won't feel bad about dropping...
  20. Stevew443

    Everyday Writing Pen

    I carry a Sheaffer 300 ballpoint pen with me should one of my co-workers need to borrow a pen. I refuse to let anyone use any of my fountain pens. I carry 3 fountain pens and that ball point which almost never gets used. I am as careful with my pens as I am with my car keys.