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  1. random-hero

    Thater 4125/2 finest 2 band

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on a 4125/2 2 band but I'm unsure of what style of knot to get. Should I get a bulb or a fan? I primarily face lather and use soaps. Thanks in advance
  2. random-hero


  3. random-hero

    Half sharp blade

    The strangest thing happened to me today. I was using a brand new Gillette silver blue blade and it seems that only one side of the blade was sharp. One side dull and left my beard completely in tact and the other side was sharp cutting the hair in one pass Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  4. random-hero

    3 piece slant razors

    Can anyone tell me who makes a 3 piece slant razor? I have a few heavier handles from BRW and UFO and would like to match them up to a slant head. Thanks
  5. random-hero

    testing testing 1, 2, 3

  6. random-hero

    picture test

  7. random-hero


  8. random-hero

    picture test

  9. random-hero

    picture test

  10. random-hero

    Klar Kabinett

    Does anyone know where I can pick up some Klar Kabinett?
  11. random-hero

    Rooney stubby size 3 (large) or Rooney stubby 1xl

    hello everyone. im looking at these 2 rooney brushes and their specs on vintage blades and cant figure out if the models were reversed. the stubby size 3 (large) Overall brush height: 100mm Handle height: 50mm Brush Loft: 50mm Knot diameter: 26mm the stubby 1xl Overall brush height: 86...
  12. random-hero

    Robert Becker going on vacation

    Last night I was ordering a scuttle from Robert Becker and he told me to pass a long a message to all my fellow B&B members about his upcoming vacation. " I do not mind being busy right now but if you care to be the bearer of bad news I will be taking about a month off this summer so if you...
  13. random-hero

    astra sp and personna med prep

    Astra sp's have been my go to blade for a while but I've been reading a lot about persona med prep blades. How do these two compare? Do they sell the med prep in smaller packs cause I've seen them sold in bulk 100 boxes. I would like to try them first before committing to buying 100.
  14. random-hero

    changing barbicide

    i have a quick question about the shelf life of barbicide. how long do you use the same barbicide before dumping it out? the back of the bottle says change daily buthow long will it actually last for
  15. random-hero

    gillette senator with bent teeth

    how hard is it to bend the teeth back to normal? if i cant bend them back will it shave normal?
  16. random-hero

    gillette red tip

    I was wondering how the red tip compares to a fatboy. I know they say the red tip is most aggressive out of the flair tips but would it be equal to a fatboy set on 3, 5,9?
  17. random-hero

    new to soaps

    I'm looking to try soaps and I have a question about the wooden bowls that come with the soaps. Do you use the wooden bowls to make the lather in or use a mug and just keep them around for decoration?
  18. random-hero

    older razors better then newer ones?

    I've been shaving with a de razor for the past few weeks. I've been using the merkur 34C but today I decided to try my 61 fatboy. I had a much better shave with the FB set on #3 then I ever did with the 34C! Do you think my technique improved or the fatboy is a far superior razor to the 34C?
  19. random-hero

    quick question about blades

    I just finished me first week shaving with a merkur 34c. My question is how many chances do you give a razor blade company before trying a new one. My first week I only used Derby blades and they haven't been so kind to my face, should I stick with them or move on to shark, astra or merkur blades?
  20. random-hero

    New here

    Hello. I'm new to DE shaving. I came across my grandfathers old Gillette razors a 1965 slim, 1947-49 super speed and a 1959 fatboy. I wanted to know if these are good razors to start out with, are they too aggressive? Also for a first time user what would be a very forgiving blade to use? Thanks...