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  1. Doc4

    Mother's Day ... 10th May ... three Sundays away

    If someone doesn't remind me, I'll forget. Don't forget, guys!!
  2. Doc4

    The Auto-Fill thread

    Enter at least ten words, using only the words offered by your auto-fill function on your cell phone or other mobile device. Try to make rational sentence(s) from the words on offer.
  3. Doc4

    Spare tire lifespan

    I bought my current pick-up truck back in 2003. It came with a spare tire mounted underneath the truck bed. I only ever had to use it twice, years and years ago, and only for brief in-town drives to the tire store to get a flat fixed. I'm wondering, though, whether or not it needs to be...
  4. Doc4

    Just Walk Away ...

    There has been too much violence. Too much pain. But I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Give me your toilet paper, the hand sanitizer, the ground beef, and the whole compound, and I'll spare your lives. Just walk away and we'll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk...
  5. Doc4

    Sliced mayonnaise ... it's a "thing" now.

    Just in case digging a lump of mayo out of a jar with a knife is too hard for you ... https://news3lv.com/news/offbeat/japanese-company-named-bourbon-develops-sliced-mayonnaise
  6. Doc4

    R.I.P Pocket Rocket

  7. Doc4

    Roast onion ... yeah, what I said.

    It's actually very good. Try it!!
  8. Doc4

    Bialetti Moka technique question ...

    I recently purchased a Bialetti "Moka Pot" coffee maker and have been enjoying it greatly. Thanks @Marco et al. for the recommendation! Earlier today in one of the Bialetti discussions here, I saw a comment about the temperature used to make the coffee ... the poster basically said that he...
  9. Doc4

    Dear Subaru ...

    One headlight and one tail light out in my 2013 Outback. I spent $170 at the mechanic's shop to get the car half-disassembled so the bulbs could be replaced. Took all morning. Last time I burned out a headlight in my 2003 Toyota Tundra, I popped the hood and had the bulb changed in 3...
  10. Doc4

    Your preferred Xmas dinner is ...

    What's your go-to, ideal Xmas dinner?
  11. Doc4

    Who's bidding in the auction?

    Looks like some great stuff on the block, and all for a good cause.
  12. Doc4

    Two-pound brisket ... oven cooking ideas??

    I recently came into possession of a brisket, aprox. 2lbs, and am looking for good ideas for cooking it. This will be in the oven, not BBQ/smoker (which a I think a lot of guys do.) Anyhow, it's not a cut of meat I have familiarity with (apart from a general knowledge that "low and slow" is...
  13. Doc4

    Where did Émile Zola have a bath?

  14. Doc4

    Vintage writing videos

    For your watching enjoyment:
  15. Doc4

    I just finished reading "Great Expectations"

    It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.
  16. Doc4

    No Man Is An Island ...

    ... except the Isle of Mann
  17. Doc4

    How few ties do I really need?

    Please don't chime in with "none". :001_rolle This thread is for those guys who actually DO wear ties, and want to discuss a minimalist approach to neckties. I propose that every well-dressed gent should own four ties. As follows: black tie. Not "black tie" as opposed to "white tie" for...
  18. Doc4

    I had to discipline my son for repeatedly wetting the bed

    Urine trouble.
  19. Doc4

    Old-fashioned, new-fashioned, and old-old-fashioned ...

  20. Doc4

    Heavyweight boxing

    I recently listened to the Joe Rogan podcast from last fall, where he interviewed Tyson Fury. Apart from the Pacquiao--Mayweather fight a few years ago (and a few years too late), I haven't cared about boxing for a long time. But after listening to this podcast, I may be interested again.