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  1. Northstonehill

    Laugar Älvdans (Elves Dance)

    Gents, just did my very first shave with this Nordic artisan soap by the ultra small homebrew outfit Laugar of Sweden. Their website isn’t even in English yet but superb story telling around it. And the fast feedback: Superb!!! I was blown away by how it generates a lather as thick and creamy...
  2. Northstonehill

    Gillette Hybrid Tech set, other Gillettes and non-Gillettes

    As razors keep coming in, I continue to thin my den. Please see all descriptions and pics below to evaluate condition. Shoot me a PM if questions or need for more photos. Thanks. First buyer to PM full buy commitment get, standard business practice, I assume. Buyer chooses shipping method and...
  3. Northstonehill

    Vintage HESS brush - anyone got any info?

    Gents, I received this HESS vintage brush today as part of a lot with a 1920s razor. But it really does not look that old. In awesome shape, even looks reknotted as the knot (synthetic?) seems like new... Would love any info on this. I find it rather awesome looking :001_tt1:
  4. Northstonehill

    Box opening - 1929 John Watts New Service razor

    The John Watts New Service razor arrived today. Sure a strange but nice looker, and in great shape complete with case, blade holder, original blades and even accompanying paraphernalia. The following is the back story of this interesting DE razor, as far as I have been able to gather...
  5. Northstonehill

    90 year resurrection under way...!

    Just today I received these in-process pictures of my 1930s Rotbart Raised Flat Bottom currently being refurbished and replated by Chris Evatt at razorplate.com. So wanted to share with you guys who I am sure will appreciate a peak. This is how it looks in raw, cleaned brass after thorough...
  6. Northstonehill

    The Scottish Davies Rythmic adjustable grail in da house!!

    Honestly I never ever thought I’d get me one of these - my holy grail razor. But here it is en route to the Northstonehill headquarters, still cannot believe it: Meet the Davies Rythmic adjustable razor. This specimen appears to be in great original condition as is the gorgeous original...
  7. Northstonehill

    My first working vintage pen! - 1935 Parker Duofold Junior

    I have used only fountainpens in my 25+ years office career, never ballpens or other. Love my pens especially with a stub nib which really brings out that classic style - and somehow magically makes my ugly writing look cool... Up until today this was my roster: Mont Blanc Meisterstück (sole...
  8. Northstonehill

    Mirabilia vs Darwin Deluxe - photos to document similarities and differences

    Since these two razors are often pointed out by DE afficinionados as being very similar I wanted to post some pictures and data for others to refer to in terms of design and visual similarities. To me the two razors are indeed very similar in general design as well as in use even: I noticed...
  9. Northstonehill

    Box opening: MIRABILIA - the epitome of Italian vintage razoring

    Super happy about reeling in this Italian 1930s Mirabilia solid comb razor. The Mirabilia is one of the most sought after Italian vintages by the European razor cognoscenti and they only rarely pop up for sale. This 3-piece art deco beauty arrived yesterday from Northern Italy as part of a pack...
  10. Northstonehill

    A wonderful British shave - fast review Simpsons synthetic brush and cream

    Yesterday the mailman graced me with my first synthetic brush, purchased for curiosity as my preferred go-tos are boars and badgers. And also because I’d fallen in love with that gorgeous faux sapphire handle :blush: Along with the brush even came a branded shave cream that I immediately had to...
  11. Northstonehill

    Happy arrival today - and latest additions

    Happy arrival today of my first synthetic, even with an unexpected present: A Simpson shaving cream. That was awfully kind! Honestly I bought this Simpson mainly for the handle :blush: - I’m a sucker for colorful handles and have been in love with that faux sapphire for the longest time. Also...
  12. Northstonehill

    Whaat, it’s a Rotbart?! Box opening: 1910s or 1920s(?) OT - very unusual, I never saw this before

    A kind razor collector friend pointed the auction out on one of the European bays. An all-black/tarnished OT-type razor with an unusual and pretty handle pattern. Branded Solinger Stahlwaren with the name Ernst Steinhökel RHEYDT noted. Well, the set received no love from the Ebay community so I...
  13. Northstonehill

    FS Toggle, Eclipse Red Ring, Henso, Rotbart black handle set, Duplex

    As razors keep coming in, I have decided to thin my den. Hence this sale of some nice vintage razors, some well-known models and some rare. All are in very good condition. Please see all descriptions and pics below to evaluate condition. Shoot me a PM if questions or need for more photos...
  14. Northstonehill

    1920s-1940s Art Deco style razors

    Gents, today I took delivery of a wonderful Kirby, Beard & Co razor from the 1920s or 1930s, a wonderful razor with a sea shell-type topcap and a unique sculpted handle. The Kirbys are often referred to as ‘art deco’ in its design style, and looking at it inspired me to compare it to a few...
  15. Northstonehill

    FS 1940s Eclipse Red Ring - full MM set in great condition

    Hard to-come-by razor/set in this very good condition, coined the MM set (given the case). Provides a wonderful, mild, efficient, and quite unique feeling shave with its magnificent open/closed comb design. If I could only keep one non-Gillette British vintage razor this would be it (even over...
  16. Northstonehill

    I will not abandon you, dear beat-up Popular!

    Ok, so this 1939 Gillette Popular has seen some action in its 81 year lifetime! I acquired it because it came with the rare-ish original #46 white bakelite case in good condition and with both(!) white bakelite bladeholders. And because I had a hunch. The faults are obvious: Plating is 100%...
  17. Northstonehill

    WTB Radimi red dot DE

    Gents, I am looking for an Italian Radimi DE with the red dot on the handle end (top one in below pic). So if anyone has a specimen that they would like to part with please let me know. Thanks
  18. Northstonehill

    Shaving at Jay Gatsby’s mansion - first shave with Gillette New Deluxe Criterion

    Gents, wanted to share my very first shave experiences with this most handsome razor. After wetshaving with carts for 30 years I started with DE’s 3 years ago. Since then I’ve shaved with 100+ different vintage razors (I am firmly in the vintage camp) and I have identified my clear preferences...
  19. Northstonehill

    WTB Gillette New common bar handle for replating

    Guys, I am looking to acquire a Gillette New common bar handle like the one below. Should be nick free and with intact threading. But don’t worry about the plating condition, I intend to replate it. CONUS preferred as it is going directly to Chris Evatt for replate. Let me know what you have...