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  1. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Made in USA - how important is it to you?

    I have been reading about Above The Tie. Their new razors are going to be machined in China and designed and assembled in the USA. On their own site there are customers who think it is an unfortunate development and others who do not mind. I am acquainted with the owner and am supremely...
  2. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Declining sales at the, "Three T's?"

    I refer to Trumper, Trufitt & Hill, and TOBS of course. A year ago I was in conversation with the owner of a large online men's shaving site. It is well known here on the forum. He noted that when he evaluated sales trends over the prior five years that there was a marked decline in him...
  3. Captain Pre-Capsize

    You want a choice, you got a Choice!

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  4. Captain Pre-Capsize

    All gone... for now

  5. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Forget Mrs. Hubbard...

    No fairy tale at Captain's Choice, they are all gone. Once again we are out of our hand made copper lather bowls. We hope to be restocked in a week.
  6. Captain Pre-Capsize

    In honor of Memorial Day

  7. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Contest Corona style

    Nooooo, not THAT Corona. :c9: This contest has to do with the world as we find it today. It all can seem upside down and yet here we are. So why not embrace it for what it is? That is the motivation for this most recent contest. This is for CONUS only please. We just recently released the...
  8. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Landing on doorsteps

    Our new Razor Caddys have been arriving at their destinations and already we are getting pictures and feedback from satisfied customers. “The Razor Caddy ended up making some room on the shelf where I keep my shaving gear. Even my wife liked it and thought it made the bathroom shelf look...
  9. Captain Pre-Capsize

    "Cool" video

  10. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Three great lots - shave gear / watch bands, something for everyone

    First up is a Segal DE razor in original box with original factory blades. Present day DE blades work easily with minor trimming to fit the unique shape of the head. See outline of included Segal blade. Also included with this lot is a Muhle R89 razor head only. Stunning fit and finish...
  11. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Shhhh... they arrive tomorrow

    Here is a quick shot of our brand new offering, a Razor Caddy in our ever popular Gunmetal glaze. They get picked up tomorrow so we have already activated the listing on our site. We have even fewer because two of them blew up inside the kiln - yet another reason not to be inside the kiln...
  12. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Ken weighs in...

  13. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Post your family heirloom

    Let me get us started and feel free to post whatever you may have that has been handed down. Tell the story behind it too! This is my great grandfather's Hamilton watch. He passed away when I was about nine years old so I do remember him well. The watch was given to him by his three...
  14. Captain Pre-Capsize

    I need your opinions on this prototype

    We had these made up for us to get feedback on. They are not glazed, of course, but would be Gunmetal when available. These are all made by hand just like our lather bowls and coffee mug and so are labor intensive to create. I designed them with a slot for ease of placing and removing the...
  15. Captain Pre-Capsize

    The $1,200.00 Contest

    Uncle Sam is sending a $1,200.00 check to everyone. Tell us what will you be doing with your check. Pay for necessary expenses? Give some of it to someone else? Treat yourself to a fun gift? Put it in savings? Pay off some debt? There will be three winners selected by random.org. Each one...
  16. Captain Pre-Capsize

    Saving soap lot, brush - great selection.

    Tabac shaving cream - 99%, TOBS Royal Forest shaving cream 50%, Scheermonnik Soek (The Netherlands) 50%, Captain's Choice Nor'easter 75%, St. James of London, Cedarwood & Clary Sage 30%, Turtleship Coconut 50%, Heritage Collection Ever-Ready synthetic brush. A note on the Captain's Choice...
  17. Captain Pre-Capsize

    New product under way

    We are nearly out of our inventory of brushes in our store. They are very handy with a synthetic Tuxedo knot. We have a new design that the artisan is finishing up for us. We hope to have them in the store in a few weeks or so. They will have a synthetic knot but have a different profile...