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    Finally tried Arko

    Just too much hype not too. I very much enjoy VDH Luxury. Have no reason to hunt a new soap other than to see for myself how it compares to my favorites. Pull out of mailbox, immediately open bag and fold open top of foil to get a smell. I mean that is what everyone talks about when it comes to...
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    Another feather blade thread, I know... I'm sorry

    Does any one else find them not that sharp? I mean the terms are hard to really "define". To me the feather blade tugs on my whiskers just as much as other blades. I have not found that "hot butter" cut that others speak of. I Hot shower, I have boiled water in a pan and put a towel in it and on...
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    Gillette Old Style with company logo

    Any one ever seen this? Is it like seed dealers hand out hats and calendars with their company name on it? Or t-shirts? They used to hand out razors maybe? I was thinking Gillette Old Type. Somewhere between 1906 and 1922 as it has no serial numbers and a guy "whom I assume to be King Gillette?"...
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    Rate my home made razor

    I was bored at work. I want a brass razor but do not have one. I do however have a knee mill and an old brass bushing...….I will whip up a handle, see if it shaves. If I can make it shave I will polish the shine into it LOL I obviously will trim the stem when the time comes to put a handle to...
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    Ever seen this?

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    How do I find shave "shops"

    I am going to a "bigger" city and would like to browse some razors, soaps, smelly stuff. How does one find these places I hear speak of? The small towns near me have dollar stores, walgreens, and Wal-Mart....MAYBE. In those stores, shaving supplies are limited at best. I tried some googling...