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  1. PeteVK

    FS Atomic Age Bay Rum Soap and Aftershave CK-6

    $35 shipped to your door within the ConUS. Soap and aftershave both were used once. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. PeteVK

    Berceuse Perfum (Barrister & Mann)

    I was just listening to the Lather Talk podcast, which if you haven't listened to it yet is pretty decent. They had Will Carius on of Barrister & Mann and he was talking about a new company he started, Berceuse Parfum. It was interesting to hear him describe his philosophy behind the company...
  3. PeteVK

    Ravaged by a Schone (Fatip)

    Well, I've been using a Merkur 34c, Game Changer .64, GEM Jr and Phoenix Bakelite Slant now for the last year. The Merkur and Game Changer do a pretty darn good job, but I struggle to really get BBS with them. I recently pulled out a $6 Baili, which felt way more aggressive than either razor...
  4. PeteVK

    Opinions on Parfum de Marly

    This brand has been on my list to try for the last few months. I'm a big fan of Creed and Tom Ford and have heard great things about many of the fragrances from Parfum de Marly. I have three 10oz samples consisting of Layton, Pegasus and Percival. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have...
  5. PeteVK

    My first real grinder

    Well, I just wanted to share the fact that I took delivery yesterday of my first real grinder. Thanks to the insight from the many coffee fans here, I decided to step into the world of Baratza with an Encore. Here's a picture of the new grinder after it had been washed and dried, and ready to...
  6. PeteVK

    Charcoal Goods Brass Release

    The brass razors were just released for May/June!
  7. PeteVK

    New brush by Rick Montalvo

    Just received my first artisan made brush. While biding my time on the wait list for a Wolf Whiskers custom brush, I noticed on his store this beautiful blue brush made by his father-in-law Rick Montalvo. Peter supplies the handle material and sets the knots, but Rick does everything else...
  8. PeteVK

    Charcoal Goods Copper Razors

    Have been released! Just ordered my first CG razor!
  9. PeteVK

    Repurposed Case

    Converted this case, which originated as one of those gift sets you receive during the holidays, but know you'll never use. I decided it would be the perfect razor storage case. I through out the original contents and ordered some foam and cut everything to shape. I think it turned out pretty...
  10. PeteVK

    So who picked up the plastic Karve?

    Just curious, who picked up the April Fool's release of the plastic Karve?
  11. PeteVK

    Emu oil, who's using it and why?

    I keep hearing great things about emu oil. Do we have any members here who are using it, if so, how/when and what benefits are you seeing? Also what brands would you recommend?
  12. PeteVK

    Simpson's Chubby 2

    Compared to today's many artisan / custom brush makers, for the price is the Chubby 2 still a rock solid performer? I'm looking at purchasing my first high-end brush/knot and would love your opinions.
  13. PeteVK

    Inspired to Kamisori!

    Folks, I know this might be a stretch but here goes... Yes, I know the word kamisori isn't a verb, but I'm inspired. I'd love to try my hand at making a kamisori, but really don't want to spend the money to buy one just to get some measurements. I googled, but couldn't find any specific...
  14. PeteVK

    Look what you've made me do now

    All three decanted, just need to work on peeling the labels off.
  15. PeteVK

    Planning a trip to NYC

    My Christmas gift for my Wife this year was a trip to NYC to hit up some amazing restaurants as well as a few immersive theater shows she's looking forward to. Since my new infatuation with wet shaving has developed, I was wondering what shops you recommend checking out for wet shaving gear in...
  16. PeteVK

    4th DE Shave...Thanks!

    Quick back story, I've been using a cartridge razor for 20 of my 35 years. Most recently I've been using Harry's products, but came across the following razor The Plow as part of a package deal. Needless to say, since it was deeply discounted I went for it. The first few shaves were rough on...