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    The Magnificent Seven and the Mystery Blend.

    Thank you - I'll look into the Brown Leaf badge right now! The last time I dabbled I was still getting my feet wet, trying everything I could get my hands on. I remember enjoying butter nut burley and a couple of different "chocolate" blends, seems like there were a few with cigar tobacco in...
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    The Magnificent Seven and the Mystery Blend.

    I haven't smoked a pipe in 2 or 3 years due to lack of time and living arrangements etc but this thread REALLY made me miss it. I still have a no name briar and a pipe nail. Think I'll look to place an order for an ounce of something to smoke ASAP. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!
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    Mentholated shave cream

    Kent Shaving Cream is a really luxurious menthol bomb!
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    Whisky finshed is beer barrels

    I guess I would have to taste it but I can't imagine how long you would have to age whisky in a beer barrel to change the flavor of that whisky. Easy to imagine it the other way around and plenty of experience with it also, I am a huge fan of barrel aged beers.
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    BOTD - Beer Of The Day - 2016

    Birthday Bomb - Birthday Beer from Last Night! Prairie Artisan Ales could basically relieve themselves in a bottle and I would most likely love it, never had a bad beer from them :lol: I also had a glass of Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway stout with dinner which was amazing!
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    Musings about brush recccomendations for beginners

    I wouldn't advise against synthetics necessarily but I've yet to meet a synthetic that I enjoyed as much as a good badger or boar. I think it all depends on the state of mind of the beginner and what they are trying to get out of wet shaving (if they even know at this point). If someone is new...
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    Via Barberia from Omega Brush Brand - Hitted again!

    Did you order from somewhere in the USA?
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    Proraso red aftershave

    Great news indeed, thanks for sharing!
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    Anyone find Proraso overrated?

    Not at all - top 10 for me also, especially the Sandalwood.
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    Looking for a strong long lasting Bay-Rum cologne

    Mousse II EdP by Oliver & Co - with it's Clove, Sandalwood, Mint and Lime notes it truly has an amazingly beautiful Bay Rum vibe to it and has quickly become my signature summer scent. Samples are only $4 from lucky scent - http://www.luckyscent.com/product/57504/mousse-ii-by-oliver-and-co-
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    Fragrance Friday: Creed Original Vetiver

    It's no favorite of mine either. I think it's worth mentioning that Mugler Cologne is very similar and for $60 to $80 you can get an enormous 10oz bottle.
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    Ogallala Bay Rum & Vanilla Aftershave FTW!

    Absolutely mouth watering spicy sweet vanilla (if you are partial to such scents). Just tried this one recently and fell in love. Short lived scent but well worth the ~$6 - $10 price point for a few minutes of heaven :thumbup1:
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    Best Way to Use Small Soap Samples

    Depending on the shape and size of the soap sample you can also rub the moistened soap directly on your face like you would if it was a shave stick then face lather.
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    Fragrance Friday - Creed Aventus

    Back when Aventus first came out I heard lots of comparisons to Jaguar Vision - never tried the 2 side by side but found them similar from what I recall.
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    Feather Pro Blade and awkward spot.

    I shave with both hands when using this razor, especially on my neck. If you haven't yet tried reaching that section with your other hand you might give that a go. I was surprised by how uncomfortable it was to reach some areas with one hand versus the other. Just maintain a sure and steady...
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    My experiences with Omega boar brushes

    Apologies for going off topic...I don't think I'm alone in saying I would love to see pics of your "vintage" Semogue Pig Bristle brush! Honestly, please post pics when you can!
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    Vintage vs Artisan soaps

    I don't get the feeling that artisan soaps are trying to compete with vintage soaps at all. In my opinion, most guys that use vintage soaps do so for nostalgic reasons, the collecting/hobby factor and because those soaps still perform the intended job, not because they are vastly superior. If...
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    Question about Floid Vigoroso Limited Edition

    It's only the bottle that is limited edition, the juice itself is the usual excellent stuff that we know and love!
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    CF Lime scent funkiness - is it just me?

    I wouldn't describe the underlying scent of CF Lime as shoe polish or petroleum but there is something animalistic and funky/musky about it. To my nose and in my opinion, it's a good thing :001_cool: I always describe it as "dirty lime" - one of my favorites!