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  1. Fenwayfan77

    FS Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip - Fan / 26mm / 52mm Loft / Brown/Black & Haslinger Soaps

    Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip - Fan / 26mm / 52mm Loft / Brown & Black - $150.00 including shipping. Essentially brand new. Maybe 7-8 shaves to break it in and to confirm whether I wanted to keep it or not. Great brush but I think i'm just so used to synthetics that it's not my cup of tea. Been...
  2. Fenwayfan77

    Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip Question

    I’ll preface this post by saying that my Badger brush experience is limited to a Stirling Finest Fan (24mm). I just received a Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip (26mm/52 loft Fan) - not D01. However, it feels noticeably “Scritchy” or sharp/harsh/rough, much more than the aforementioned Stirling brush...
  3. Fenwayfan77

    FSOT Blade Sale or Trade (Nacets) & Ariana & Evans St. Barts for Sale

    I have 385 Nacets I'd like to trade for Polsilvers, GSB, or Gillette Platinums. Obviously, it's not an even swap based on value, but let's see if there are any thoughts out there. PM me for discussion please. If not, anyone interested in the Nacets for purchase? I'll sell the Nacets for $25...
  4. Fenwayfan77

    How about those fresh, clean scents...

    I thought the aquatic/mariner/oceanic thread was worthwhile so I figured I'd give this one a shot. I'm gravitating (slowly) away from the overly perfume-like, uber-strong, long lasting, punch-you-in-the-nose scents. Looking for everyone's thoughts on those simple, clean, fresh, not too...
  5. Fenwayfan77

    FS Blade Sale! (Kai DE & Kai Protouch MG AC) + Free 90 count of Voskhod w/sale

    Looking to sell the following. Kai Stainless Steel DEs - 190 count (38 packs of 5) - $56.00 Kai Captain Titan Mild ProTouch MG ACs - (9 packs of 15) - $100.00 (awesome deal. average price is around $19.00 per pack) With a purchase of either (or both), I'll throw in a 90 count of Voskhod DEs...
  6. Fenwayfan77

    Aquatic/Oceanic/Mariner Scents

    List your favorite aquatic, oceanic, mariner soap scents. Aaaand go! Have Mariner from Zingari Man as a balm. Awesome scent but curious about similar smelling soaps. Thanks.
  7. Fenwayfan77

    FS Den Sale 3.0! - (Brass Karve, Rockwell 6S, and Scuttle)

    Den Sale - Round 3: PayPal & U.S. Sales only. Thanks! 1) CB Karve Brass: Original Box with 3.5 inch Handle, AA, A, B, and C plates – Solid Bar, and Stand. No dings or scratches. Very, very slight patina spots. Should be super easy to clean up with some toothpaste. I’m only mentioning it in...
  8. Fenwayfan77

    FS Den Sale 2.0! (SS General, Rockwell 6S, CG Handle, DB Scuttle & More)

    Back for Another Round: Now that I've pretty much landed on the Karve being my only Razor...for now..(ha), it's time to clean out a little more. Trying to get down to the elusive single razor. PayPal & U.S. Sales only. Thanks! 1) SS Colonial General (Base Plate and Top Cap) with the ATT Kronos...
  9. Fenwayfan77

    Open Letter to Rockwell....Premium Edition Wanted!!

    I'm going to keep this short. Rockwell, if you are listening, I'm sure i'm not along in wanting a more refined version of the 6s. You have the 6c (lower end pricing), and the 6s (mid-level), so now would be the perfect time to introduce a top-tier razor. Don't change the geometry of the razor...
  10. Fenwayfan77

    FS Den Sale! (Brass General, Timeless .68, Feather Shavette & More!)

    Evening All: Things are starting to get a little cluttered. Time to do a little spring cleaning;) I'm trying to sell the razors as whole (heads and handles) and not in parts...at least for now, as splitting up items can get a little hectic with mailing, etc. If things aren't selling, then...
  11. Fenwayfan77

    The Return to the DE

    I think i've returned to the DE razor!....for now;) Man, I really wish I could settle and finally land on one razor. Oh well;) Years ago, I started with the EJ DE89 and the Merkur 39C HD Long Handle slant. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the slant. I didn't. Used the EJ DE89 for quite a...
  12. Fenwayfan77

    FS ATT SE1 Top Cap & Base Plate + Free Feather Pro Supers

    Proline friendly (Post 2017) excellent condition ATT SE1 Top Cap & Base Plate. Only slight, small marks on base plate where handle end would sit. I'm throwing in a remaining pack of Feather Pro Supers (only 3 or 4 used I believe). Price: $80.00
  13. Fenwayfan77

    WTS: Tallow & Steel Morocco Soap (New/Unused)

    Looking to sell my brand new Tallow & Steel Morocco. Just received yesterday. No samples taken. Brand new. Unused. Scent just wasn’t up my alley. $20.00 and free shipping. MSRP is $25.68, but I️ got it from Maggards for 24.00 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Fenwayfan77

    Preferred Blades - Timeless .68

    **This is obviously a personal preference / YMMV scenario as everyone's face and technique vary*** With that being said, I'd like to hear people's opinions on their preferred blades for the Timeless .68....NOT the .95. I owned both the .68 and .95 but returned the latter. Way too much blade...