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  1. UncleScott

    Possible Micromatic prototype on its way. What do you think?

    Great razor. A possible pre-micromatic??? it could be. One thing you might try is a patent search. Even though it does not have a patent number, I know there are patent search engines that allow you to search in other ways also. Possibly by year or description. Maybe someone here is more...
  2. UncleScott

    Cracks in the paint

    While this can happen to any wood handled brush, Semogue's are notorious for this. I have a Semogue 2000 that this happened to. I eventually sanded all the paint off it and refinished it. Some sandpaper, a little elbow grease, and some stain and Tru-Oil finish worked wonders.
  3. UncleScott

    Experience & Advise

    Age: 58 Shaving with a blade: 40+ years Traditional wet shaving: about 8 years Best advice: Learn to use the "Search" button here on B&B Don't be afraid to try new things, and remember sometimes learning what "Doesn't" work for you can be just as important learning what does. Go with what works...
  4. UncleScott

    Bento Boxes

    Bento's are great. I ate lots of them when I was in Japan several years ago, and I am lucky to have several great Japanese restaurants where I live that serve them. Here is a website that that is all about Bento with lots of recipe's for all kinds of things. http://justbento.com/ These kind of...
  5. UncleScott

    Worst. Ice Cream. Ever.

    If you want to see some bad ice cream, check out this site. 101 frightning ice cream flavors. http://www.who-sucks.com/food/101-frightening-ice-cream-flavors-from-around-the-world Anyone up for some nice fish or goat ice cream????
  6. UncleScott

    Arisaka type 99 Part needed

    Here is a list to a old (2010) Guns Network forum post that lists several places that specialize in Arasaka parts. You might try one of them. Since I don't live in California I'm not familiar with the laws, but I understand that they can be a pain. Arisaka's are neat old guns with one of the...
  7. UncleScott

    For all you Godrej lovers

    Always make sure you are awake before going into the bathroom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R7n0twcxtA Enjoy
  8. UncleScott

    How old is this GEN Junior?

    Dating Gem razors can be dificult because unlike Gellette there are no date codes on them. While there are ranges of production dates associated with the various models, even these are approximate because there are no records. Often the only way to give an approximate date is by looking at old...
  9. UncleScott

    Remington 870 Express vs Wingmaster

    Both are fine guns, the Wingmasters just have a few more refinements: The Express: A rougher, unpolished finish inside and out. More burrs. A rough black finish. A hardwood or synthetic stock. Cheaper, impressed checkering. A black bolt. A plastic trigger group. The new style magazine assembly...
  10. UncleScott

    What's the most bizarre thing you've eaten?

    Must not be any scandanavians in this crowd. When I was growing up in Minnesota my grandparents lived in a small town in in northern Minnesota. Very, very norwegian and swedish. Lots of interesting food, like lutefisk (dried cod reconstuted in lye), blood clubb ( a kind of dumpling made with...
  11. UncleScott

    Merkur 23C vs Edwin Jagger DE89

    I have used both and found them to be very similar in terms of effictiveness. To me the 23C seemed to feel slightly more agressive, meaning you can feel the blade a little more. while the EJ (i have the muhle version) seems to feel a little smoother but is just as effective as the 23C. The...
  12. UncleScott

    Good Japanese Cookbook

    Here are two sights that are good. http://www.youtube.com/user/cookingwithdog http://justonecookbook.com/blog/ They both cover good basic japanese home style cooking
  13. UncleScott

    Anyone used the Marvy boar brush from Sally Beauty?

    I did a quick google on that brust and it seems it is the Marvy Eterna Brush. It is a cheap chinese boar brush that Marvy has rebranded. Someone over at the Shave Den did a review on it about a year ago and was not impressed. Also, Amazon reviews were not very good . Marvy's other brushes are...
  14. UncleScott

    Best shotgun combo input needed .

    I've had a 870 express for years and have never had a problem with it. However,i have also seen the reviews that have said this. when I researched this it seemed to be limited to the newer 870 express and only with cheap bulk ammo.(I think it was Winchester). The 870 Wingmasster did not seem...
  15. UncleScott

    Advice on a Multitool

    I have two original Leathermen and a Super leatherman. The originl leatherman is the one I carry all the time. It has just what I need and no more. The only thing I have done to it is file the small screwdriver/punch down to fit my eyeglasses screws. My Super Leatherman Sits in a drawer unused...
  16. UncleScott

    The Clog Pruf Rocks!

    Out of all the Gem razors the Clog Pruf is my Goldilocks razor. It's the just right razor for lots of reasons. The first is balance. For me the micromatic series has the best balance of all the Gem razors. While lots of peopleloove their 1912's they just dont balance right and feel good in...
  17. UncleScott

    Safety Razor of the Month, October 2012 - Frankenrazors

    Happened to swing by so I'll play. Here's one of my favorites, a Muhle D89 head with a Merkur heavy 23C handle. The handle has been filled with lead shot to make it heavier. The balance on this razor is GREAT.
  18. UncleScott

    Old Spice and Taco Bell

    De=lurking Saw this and just had to share. full link here http://www.buzzfeed.com/copyranter/taco-bell-flames-old-spice-on-twitter Are Girl Scout Cookies made from real Girl Scouts? (Wednesday Addams, in the "Addams Family Movie") Have fun today
  19. UncleScott

    I got Boared

    De-lurking for this. If you are interested in boar brushes there is a post from another forum a couple of years ago by Zack that explains boar brushes better than any post I've ever seen. http://www.shavemyface.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35880 If this does not show up as a link perhaps one of...