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    swedish japanese?

    i am interested in Japanese straight razor in general i already own a few Swedish made razors Many Japanese razors are made with Swedish steel would i notice much difference in shave feel between Japanese Swedish steel razor, and razor made with Swedish made Swedish steel razor?
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    sinker cypress

    is sinker cypress stable enough to use as scales without additional stabilization?
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    Iwasaki ?

    We’re all Iwasaki kamisori made with Tamhagane steel even though razor does not have Tamahagane kanji stamped on razor?
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    Stub tail.

    How short of tail must it be to be considered stub tail? I just got a Engstrom and tail is shorter but not as short as other stub tails I’ve seen.
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    Shady vendor warning!

    Heads UP! Beware of EVAN LAVELY - he is a member of at least 2 shaving groups on Facebook. He tries to do business via PMs, For razor sales, honing, restoration work. he sells straight razors @ eBay User ID of evlav_19 and on Etsy under the name RazorsEdgeByEvan. I can personally verify...
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    I’m finding very limited info on this kamisori..... Any info on it? Blue paper steel? Is this clad? Blade quality? Shave quality? Opinions, reviews?
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    Feather SS blade ?’s

    I have a new to me feather SS kamisori style. It came with father pro blades Do the super pro blades makes that much of a difference, .2mm more blade exposure. Do any any other non feather blades fit? Reviews,opinions?
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    first kamisori

    i finally acquired my first kamisori i noticed that edge has smile i do not know if this intentional or from wear i do not think the smiling spine= smiling edge rule applies here are kamisori's traditionally straight? for now I am going to hone it with smile
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    i've been experimenting with different lubrication while honing water running water ballistol glycerin dawn and water dawn oilve oil shaving lather dawn/water/ballistol mix dry on smooth/finishing ark read about wd-40 sperm oil sewing machine oil kerosene proprietary honing oils etc ...
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    Clubman Pinaud $2.19/12.5 oz bottle

    Aftershave Lotion by Pinaud Clubman | Men's Grooming Products | Sally Beauty You have to put 2 in basket Plus shipping Free shipping with $25 purchase Discount not available in store
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    Looking for Arks

    starting to shop for an soft and hard ark Any leads for good quality and decent pricing???
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    Found in wild.. info please?

    Excited to finally find some locally !! This one feels older than anything I own ..... prolly 4/8 or less This one was about 2.5 inches long. And doesn’t appear to be ground down?
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    buying kamisori online?

    What to look for when buying kamisori on line/auction? I know very little about them, never owned or even handled one. I'm not looking for a hero piece, but i do want them to be serviceable and get a decent shave from. I'm thinking about buying kamisori/s from auction on line. I have a pretty...
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    arbenz frameback?

    i recently honed up a arbenz frame back i fascinated with them they are so different from anything i own. i expected a super thin blade, since i read that is one of reasons for design i found the blade thick and chunky nothing thin about it at all, but still has decent balance are they all...
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    WTB Rockwell 6C/S

    what you got?
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    Gillette Wilkinson Sword (india)

    any info please? confused with all the different blades under same wilkinson sword name...US made, German made??? on a whim i ordered these DE blades from auction site, they cost $6.38 US/ 100 blades shipped approx 2 weeks did gillette sell out/ liscence its name for these blades i've read...
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    DE blade deals

    Astra sp 8.95 Lord platinum. 8.99 Voskhod 7.49 Big river site, free shipping if prime member. Prices are known to fluctuate daily/ hourly
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    Rapira lux $8.99 US

    100 blades / 20 tucks @amazon Free shipping if you are a prime member Not sure how spectacular a deal but paid similar price for lesser quality blades....
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    Carribean shave?

    I see that this was covered in the past seeing if there is any new info... I’m traveling soon to Cayman, Ocho Rios, Cozumel anyting shave related I should get/ do? Any B&B peeps there?
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    DIY strop leather ?'s

    found some decent looking leather locally, veg tanned cowhide salesperson at shop said it needs to be finished/ sealed and possibly stained. is there a preferred finish/sealer for strop purposes? what weight is preferred 4-6 ounce, 7-9 ounce, 10-12ounce? or preferred thickness? shoulder...