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    New find today

    So today there was an art festival in town (a very small town) and I was walking around the square. I decided to go into the local antique shop and see what they had (shaving related of course :) I seen a glass case from a distance and I knew I had found some DE razors. It doesn't happen often...
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    Newbie straight user

    This may belong on the newbie forum, but I thought I would try here first. I'm looking to get started using a straight and I've never done it before. I've watched countless videos and read many posts here on b&b so I think I know how to do it. I'm asking you all, what would be a good straight to...
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    Bad shave today

    Today I learned that the canned goo can never compare to quality soap. I'm traveling and didn't have a convenient way to bring my soap in bowl. I settled for a shaving gel as a base and used Nivea shave cream. It was not a forgiving shave to say the least. Def the worst that I have had in my few...
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    Beard groth patterns

    I'm new to shaving with a de razor an I've got a bit of a proble. My beard growth is a bit difficult to shave. The same area on my neck and jawline grow in different directions which makes a NS pass less effective and uncomfortable. Any one have any suggestions on getting a simple more...
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    Anyone familiar with supplies in Kentucky?

    Is anyone familiar with any brick and mortar shops that sell quality shaving supplies in Kentucky? I'm new to wet shaving and would like a chance to personally check out soaps, creams, blades and razors before purchasing. I'm trying to keep my shaving needs at a minimum here in the beginning so...
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    Hello all! New to wet shaving and DE use

    Hey there everyone. Just want to let you all know that I have enjoyed reading many of the forums. They have been helpful since I have only been wet shaving for about a week now. I'm already addicted though! Found a 1930's "New" open long comb first. And I've already ordered a EJ DE89 as I've...