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  1. agrippas

    Help! I finished Drunken Goat

    Yesterday I finished my tub of Mickey Lee Drunken Goat, one of my favorite soap scents. As they are no longer in business, can anyone recommend a scent that is similar?
  2. agrippas

    Help! I finished Drunken Goat

    Yesterday I finished my tub of Mickey Lee Drunken Goat, one of my favorite soap scents. As they are no longer in business, can anyone recommend a scent that is similar?
  3. agrippas

    Tabac scent

    I have been wet shaving for almost 30 years, but for a reason that’s hard to articulate, always resisted trying Tabac. About a month ago, I was at Q Brothers here in Chicago, and bought a puck. I have shaved with it seven or eight times, and the performance is outstanding, but I don’t get the...
  4. agrippas

    Is Eufros available?

    Of the hundreds of creams and soaps I have used in my almost 30 years of wet shaving, Eufros Zanzibar is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, I am nearing the end of my tin and can’t find a place to buy more. Does anyone know where I can buy Eufros soaps?
  5. agrippas

    Maple Hill Naturals anybody?

    I’ve been getting advertisements and emails from this soap company. Their shave soap ingredients look interesting. Anybody here have any experience with it?
  6. agrippas

    Sandalwood recommendations

    I have two sandalwood aftershaves that I like a lot, and more importantly, my wife loves, Fine Santal Absolut and WSP Sandalwood. None of my 40 soaps are sandalwood scented. Can I get some recommendations for a soap with a great sandalwood scent?
  7. agrippas

    Sudsy Soapery question

    I’ve been using my first Sudsy Soapery soap, Lemon Rose Chypre, a lot lately. Performance is excellent, and I like the scent, but it’s much too weak for me. Can someone recommend a stronger SS scent?
  8. agrippas

    Tallow vs Vegan

    For many years I have preferred tallow based soaps. The last few months I have added two vegan soaps to my rotation- Abbate y LaMantia Isacco and Central Texas Soaps Bourbon Pumpkin- with great results. Once I had the water/soap ratio dialed in, these soaps performed as well as any as my best...
  9. agrippas

    Oaken Lab Earth of Mankind first impressions

    This soap is imported from Indonesia and carried by WCS, $25. It comes in a brown plastic tub, about half full so you can load without much going over the sides. The soap is dark brown and soft. Loading and face lathering was easy, with a yogurt-like consistency. The label describes the scent...
  10. agrippas

    Good soaps that get no attention

    I have a couple of soaps that I think are excellent, but get very little attention here: Lather Bros. Life’s a Beach (tropical fruit scent) and Oz Shaving Tik-Tok (coffee/tobacco scent). They both have wonderful scents and scent strength IMHO, and performance is excellent, just a hair below what...
  11. agrippas

    Explain seasonal soaps

    I have been wet shaving for 28 years and have used hundreds of soaps and creams. I now have about 35 soaps and use them all in all seasons. This morning it was -22 here in Chicago, wind chill -55. I shaved with Stirling Iced Pineapple, topped it off with B&M Arctique after shave and enjoyed it...
  12. agrippas

    Australian Private Reserve suggestions

    I’m interested in ordering an APR soap but have some questions. Maggard lists 19 of them with two different bases that I could see. Is one newer? Is one better? Can you suggest a scent for someone who tends to like simpler scents (citrus, coffee, chocolate, barbershop)?
  13. agrippas

    First Noble Otter Shave

    I shaved with Northern Elixir, my first NO soap, for the first time this morning. The scent, as expected, was just pure menthol. The quantity of menthol, for me, was just right- cold, but not too intense. Performance was top notch. Thirty seconds of loading then face lathering created an over...
  14. agrippas

    Long Rifle 1776 Revisited

    A couple of months ago I bought this soap and shaved once. I thought it was mediocre, but would give it a couple more tries. It sort of drifted to the back of my soap cabinet and I didn’t try it again until today. It was a completely different experience. I’m not a big scent guy, but really...
  15. agrippas

    Explain PIF

    I have a few soaps I’m willing to give away but not sure exactly how to do it. How do you choose who gets it? Who pays for shipping? What else should I know?
  16. agrippas

    Tallow + Steel Scents

    T&S Maya is in my rotation because it is such a great performer, but I really dislike the scent. I like simpler scents- coffee, chocolate, cherry, pineapple, coconut, etc. Is there a T&S scent anybody would recommend?
  17. agrippas

    B&M Excelsior

    B&M announced this new base will be released Nov 15. Anybody know what the ingredients will look like?
  18. agrippas

    How do you do it?

    I’ve seen many members say they’re taking year long buying sabbaticals. I bought a ton soaps this summer so decided not to buy anything the last three months of the year. I’m nine days in and my trigger finger is already getting itchy. How do you guys do it?
  19. agrippas

    Great time to be a wet shaver

    I have been wet shaving for almost 30 years. In the past, soaps and creams were hit or miss. Some great, some bad, most somewhere in between. For the past year or so, it seems everything I buy is great. The new artisans do a fantastic job. Names I had never heard of- Oleo, Eufros, Ariana &...
  20. agrippas

    Declaration Icarus Contemplation

    Shaved with this for the first time this morning. It was amazing! I’m not a big scent guy, but really enjoyed this one. Performance was as good as it gets. Thick, luxurious lather that provided a superb, ultra-slippery, protective shave. Is it better than the regular bison base? Hard to say at...