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    Ogallala Bay Rum & Vanilla Aftershave FTW!

    Absolutely mouth watering spicy sweet vanilla (if you are partial to such scents). Just tried this one recently and fell in love. Short lived scent but well worth the ~$6 - $10 price point for a few minutes of heaven :thumbup1:
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    Lucky Scent - Scent Bar Event Wednesday 11/19 - Meet Me There!

    I'm not selling anything here or at lucky scent/scent bar - just wondering if any Los Angeles locals plan on going to the in store event this coming Wednesday 11/19 to meet Kilian? I plan on being there! Please send me a PM or post here if you plan on attending and we can say hello in person...
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    Mousse II Eau de Parfum by Oliver & Co.

    WOW!!! New summer favorite by a long shot! I blew through 2 sample vials and then ordered a full bottle. If you like Ogallala Bay Rum, Limes and Peppercorns you owe it to yourself to at least try a sample vial from Lucky Scent. This is the Ogallala scent on steroids! This juice has amazing...
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    Fake Terre D'Hermes on Ebay

    I don't want to out the guy just yet as he claims innocence and ignorance but if you are planning on buying Terre D'Hermes on Ebay you are welcome to PM me and I'll disclose his ebay ID to you in private. I told him I would give a couple days to check his existing stock to see if my fake bottle...
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    Aubrey Organics - Free Shipping All Weekend!

    If you haven't tried their aftershave splashes yet - do yourself a favor and order 1 of each. I am not affiliated - just passing on a good deal direct from the company: http://www.aubrey-organics.com/ They are advertising free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 states this weekend only...
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    Solar Eclipse on May 20th!

    Has anybody made plans to check this out? It happens on a Sunday so try to make the time if you haven't witnessed a solar eclipse before. If you're too busy you won't get another chance from the US until 2017...
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    Ever-Ready Restoration For A Friend

    It's probably been at least a year since my last restoration but I really enjoyed the process. I can't believe I forgot the model # but the brush hair is TGN 2-Band Finest. I really love the shape of this one!
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    Happy International Pipe Smoking Day!

    I have the day off work from my day job and hope to get at least 2 bowls in today. I just finished up my first bowl of one of my all time favorites - Purple Cow in my newly restored Grabow Royal Duke Bulldog. The purple cow has a nice mix of cigar leaf in it that I don't mind tasting at all...
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    Tobacco Sample Trade Program For New Pipe Smokers - Just An Idea!

    I RARELY stray from B&B these days but a few months ago I read on another forum about some kind of Tobacco Trade group that sounded interesting. The details are a little fuzzy but if I recall correctly it worked something like this. Experienced Pipe Smokers "EPS" sign up to a list to help the...
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    Dr. Grabow Royal Duke - Bulldog Restoration

    I get so little time to work on restoring pipes that I never think to take before photos. This pipe really wasn't in that bad a shape when I got it but it still took a couple hours total spread over the last month to finish it up. Can't wait to give it a smoke!
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    Living Social Deal - $25.00 for $50.00 worth of Cigars from StogieBoys.com

    FYI - Some of the photos on StogieBoys.com depict scantily clad females - may not be safe for work depending on where you work! http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/4/deals/242486-50-to-spend-on-cigars-and-accessories I have never heard of StogieBoys.com but I have purchased many deals on Living...
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    Fumo Cigar Lounge

    I was in Beaumont, CA this weekend and stumbled across a brand new cigar lounge that just opened 2 weeks ago. The owners name is Reggie and he has an incredible lounge set up with very decent membership fees and perks. The humidor isn't very stocked at the moment but what he doesn't have in...
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    Fusion Lab Blends

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    Kaywoodie Pipes - Antique Store Rescues

    Any Kaywoodie collectors hanging out in here? I rescued both of these pipes from antique stores over Thanksgiving. These were my first 2 attempts at bringing old pipes back to life and I absolutely loved the process. I reamed the bowls, used the alcohol/salt method to remove ghosting...
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    Trade - Pipe Tobacco - Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls

    This post has been Mod approved. I have a fresh can of Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls pipe tobacco and would like to trade a few grams (a bowl or two) worth for any of the following pipe tobaccos. Here is what I'm looking for: Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Dunhill Night Cap Dunhill Royal Yacht...
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    Relighting a Cigar

    As a cigarette smoker I hate putting out a cigarette and saving it for later. The taste is harsh and the smell is even worse than a freshly lit cigarette. I almost always just put them out and throw them away rather than relighting them later. Does the same thing apply to Cigars? If I can...
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    What Now?

    I got a Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen and some nice ink samples through a trade with B&B member Pozzka and had a chance to try it out last night. As a first time fountain pen user I was very impressed with how natural the pen felt in the hand and how unexpectedly easy it was to write with. For...
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    Perfumania BOGO + Free Shipping

    Perfumania has a great online only sale right now for select products - buy one get one at 50% off plus free shipping on orders over $25.00. Included in the sale items are Tabac, PS, Quorom, 4711, Guerlain Vetiver and a few other nice items...
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    QCS Esquire

    I received a free sample of Esquire shaving cream from Matt when I placed my order for his limited edition Green Irish Tweed type shaving cream and Green Irish Tweed type shaving soap in wooden bowl. The Esquire scent is described as citrus and sandalwood with a dark earthy note at the base...