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  1. Acmemfg

    FS Ralf Aust 6/8 Razor

    Perfect condition. Box included. 6/8 Spanish point. Scales are Grenadilla (a.k.a. African Blackwood), rumored to soon become unavailable on goods shipped from the EU). Shave ready by my standards. Currently available from Europe for €165.97...plus shipping-usually about €20.00 or so; exactly...
  2. Acmemfg

    New Randall in the Quiver

    Could not pass this one up. Model 14, 7 1/2" blade, micarta Border Patrol scales.
  3. Acmemfg

    European Shipping Woes

    Anyone having problems with goods being shipped from Europe...most specifically Italy or Portugal? I placed an order on April 20; it showed acceptance on April 22 in Lisbon...where it remains according to the USPS tracking site. The vendor seems helpful. Claims the problem is due to the.....yep...
  4. Acmemfg

    New case for new laptop

    Fun fact...the average life expectancy of an iPad (and probably other tablet devices) is about 4.5 years. My 5.5 year old iPad Air 2 has pretty much validated that. So, a new MacBook Pro is on the way. Question....I want another case from Saddleback Leather for the new laptop. I have heard...
  5. Acmemfg

    International Sales.

    Question: Can a Canadian National sell a rifle to a US FFL holder? Canada has just passed a ban on “assault weapons” with a 2 year grace period to dispose of same. If doable I may be looking to pick up rifle or 2 before the owner has to turn it in.
  6. Acmemfg

    Seems Amazon Didn't Dig My Review

    Long story short- Vendor had an Omega S-Brush advertised for about $10.00 I bought it. Few days later a boar brush shows up in an S-Brush package. I returned it. Still waiting on a refund. So...... Amazon is always wanting you to do a review. I did. It was not favorable. They decided not to post...
  7. Acmemfg

    He's Back!

    Great news! Brian Brown is back and cranking out an assortment of his world class razors. It is wonderful to see his handiwork once more in the mainstream. Do follow him on Instagram and his website to keep current with what Brian is putting out there. See what you like? Don't dawdle. His razors...
  8. Acmemfg

    The Portuguese Factory

    I have seen these guys around for a while. Not heard much about their reliability, customer service, etc. Any input from the community here?
  9. Acmemfg

    Need some help with a Portuguese aftershave

    Years ago I stumbled onto a great Portuguese aftershave splash. Brisk, nice scent...major problem; I CANNOT remember the name of it. All I can recall is that it had a picture of a sailboat on the label, the packaging looked a bit like Spieck, and the name was something like Aviano..or similar. I...
  10. Acmemfg

    Longer this quarantine keeps on....

    Easy dinner tonight. Jamaican jerk pork with Hey Mon rice & beans. So, having some spare time, I figured I'd shift into dessert overdrive. White Chocolate Cheesecake. To be served with fresh blueberries.
  11. Acmemfg

    Changing of the Guard

    For decades the cookware in my kitchen has been cast iron or hard anodized Calphalon...the restaurant grade stuff. It is great stuff. Expensive but worth it. Well.... I recently picked up a Misen 3qt. Saucier just because I was curious about it. Long story short, bought the whole set. Misen is...
  12. Acmemfg

    Enough is Enough!!

    Toilet paper, chicken, hamburger, flour, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer....and much more, all in iffy supply. Eggs, once about $1.00 a dozen, today $2.99. Guess I should be glad they had any at all. But the last straw.....no yeast? Aw come on now!! So........ Necessity being the Mother of...
  13. Acmemfg

    FS Randall Model 14 "Attack" knife

    NIB. 7 1/2" tool steel, black micarta handle. Blade has never cut anything. If you want a Randall Made knife which will do you right when using it for about any task you can imagine, this is it. Current wait is about 6 years. Long time..... Wouldn't you rather have it next week? $575.00 shipped...
  14. Acmemfg

    Brisket ain't just for the Smoker

    This pseudo-house arrest (aka "Self Quarantine") does get old. But, it also affords many opportunities, one of which is exploring the deep recesses of the chest freezer. Dug out a decent sized point cut brisket. Possibly the fattiest piece of meat I have ever dealt with. After extensive trimming...
  15. Acmemfg

    Thought toilet paper was criminal gouging?

    Been looking for this forever. Thought I got lucky on Amazon. No such luck...
  16. Acmemfg

    Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

    As many are aware, I am a staunch believer of the idea that leather is by far the best material for handgun holsters. Still think that is true. But, for myriad reasons I acquired a Hybrid Leather/Kydex holster for my Beretta Nano. Made by Tommy Theis in Arkansas I have to say this is a legit...
  17. Acmemfg

    Ammunition-Poor Supply but not Impossible.

    Past couple weeks ammunition supplies have been iffy for sure. However, he who looks hard can find what is necessary. Since mid-March I have acquired: 50 rounds Hornady Critical Defense .357 Magnum 50 rounds Hornady Flex Tip .380 ACP 140 rounds Federal Hydra-Shock .40 S&W 20 rounds Federal HST...
  18. Acmemfg

    Pizza? I got your pizza, right here!

    Back in the mid-70's I was working for the state Parole Commission. Got transferred from the coast to Belle Glade. Hardly a thriving cosmopolitan area. At the time, nary a pizza could be found outside of the frozen foods section. Not unlike here at the moment. So...I learned. I soon was able to...
  19. Acmemfg

    Talk about playing hardball...

    Interesting to see how this will flesh out. Seeing as how the state line runs through the middle of town and the local IGA market is on the GA side as are many other essential vendors,..this might be a tad problematic. This is the dividing line between Copperhill TN and McCaysville GA (Fannin...
  20. Acmemfg

    Stay at home protocol

    So...the Government and about every respectable health care authority says it's best to stay home if possible. I can appreciate that. Hence...if I gotta stay close to the compound, I'm making the best of it. Getting a couple briskets and the Chef's fuel ready to get on the hickory in a couple...