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    Which UFO Handle?

    I just ordered a Godzilla in Red Bronze. In speaking to Juan they are very accomidating to whatever you'd like done to the handle. You can get custom lengths if you want, also you can mix and match parts of the handle for a custom fee. I settled on having the lenght of the XL handle shortend...
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    What blade for a Futur?

    I've used Derbys in the Futur before. I find that 2 is about right with a Derby blade in it.
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    just ordered up some Mama bear Samples!

    I'm gonna have to give them a try. Might go with a Shave stick so that I can try one of those out and kill two birds with one stone!
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    Axe Pomade

    The Axe pomade is pretty good stuff. I also am a fan of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree pomade. The Tea Tree stuff seems to wash out of pillow cases a bit easier then the Axe, though both are not bad in that regard.
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    Good shampoo for oily hair?

    I used to use Prell but when it started to become harder to find locally, I switched to Suave for Men 2+1, the kind for dandriff, though the regular is just as good. Seems to do a very good job of stripping the oil but leaving the hair pretty healthy.
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    Noticed something odd about my Old Type Gillette

    Thank you for the link, that is a very interesting read!
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    If you can have only one DE for the rest of your life.

    Edwin Jagger DE89L for me. It just works.
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    How do I rinse my hands after using MR GLO?

    I havn't used this product but I have had good luck with Dawn dish soap to get rid of greasy or oily residue from other skin care products where I didn't have time to let them sink in. Dawn can dry out skin though so it's kind of a vicious cycle sometimes.
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    Travels to Japan PIF

    This is very cool! I'm in. マイケル
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    What a night!

    Nicely Done!
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    Open for suggestions (Noob)

    I've always had better luck with creams then soaps. I just love the way creams come to life in a bowl for me. I can get a decent lather with soap but it takes me twice as long. My favorites are Proraso and the line of Kiss My Face products. I have even whipped up some Nivia Moisture Cream...
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    Injector razors should be produced again.

    Hmmm, I may need to give one of these a shot! I've been on the fence about them but maybe it would be a fun change of pace.
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    Review: Sputnik DE Safety Razor Blades

    Interesting, I may have to give these a try when I'm out of my Sampler pack.
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    Proraso After Shave Lotion

    I really need to get some of that AS! I love the Pre/Post shave and the Green cream.
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    ATG is it really worth it?

    Form me, I always do my 2nd pass ATG. If I skip this step it just dosn't look like I shaved at all and it makes the XTG pass much less effeicent. I rarley have trouble with an ATG pass but that is how I used to shave with cartridges all the time so maybe I'm just used to it.
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    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Proraso Green.
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    Scratch in Chrome - Fixable?

    Damage in chrome is going to be pretty hard to fix without stripping and replateing the whole head. You can try to buff out the scratch but you will end up removing some of the chrome depth around the scratch to try and level off the scratch, that could lead to more problems then it's worth. I...
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    WTG final pass after ATG

    That doesn't seem like it would do much. I do sometimes go WTG on the last buff pass but only if I feel any stubble in that direction. I normally end on an XTG pass to make sure my jawline is nice and smooth.
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    Shaving in Shwoer Lather question

    I shower shave sometimes during the week. Sometimes I end up using something like King of Shaves Alpha Gel or Nivia Moisture Shave and forgo my trusty bowl and brush. If I do brush I use the bowl and mix the lather a bit on the dry side and finish up face lathering with it until the consitancy...
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    just completed first DE Shave

    Congrats! When I was first starting out I found that I could only use a DE (a Merkur 38C) every other day. After a month or so my technique improved enough that I could use it everyday. Enjoy the journey, you'll be hooked soon!