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  1. Acmemfg

    What was your carry today?

    @ScottChapin There are...Wright Leather Works. They make a decent holster. I have a couple. The Kahr shown above is by Wright...it is their "Marshal" model
  2. Acmemfg

    What was your carry today?

    Glock 43X. Milt Sparks Summer Special II. Speer Gold Dot 124 Gr.
  3. Acmemfg

    Maybe one more Pistol

    The overall quality and durability of CZ firearms is exceptional. The finish may appear kind of pedestrian; but the machining and fit are quite good. Of note is how the CZ 75 slide fits in the frame, not over it. Many say this helps overall accuracy. For legendary craftsmanship, accuracy...
  4. Acmemfg

    Maybe one more Pistol

    CZ... @dojpros speaks wisdom. Don't know much about the SP-01 series but the venerable CZ 75 is surely a tried and true classic. Can be carried DA or SA cocked and locked ala 1911. A most valid choice for a 9mm carry pistol
  5. Acmemfg

    Maybe one more Pistol

    Friend of mine has a Colt Gold Cup. Loves it. Have to say the 1911 platform has much more history and accessory potential than does a SIG. But then. You already have a 1911...so🤔 Now for the record... the P320 X5 has a stellar reputation. However, I’ll give the nod as “Best of Show” in the SIG...
  6. Acmemfg

    Pepper Spray

    @OkieStubble pretty much covers it. Do keep in mind the pain compliance factor with CN/CS chemical agents can be greatly compromised if the assailant is under the influence of one drug or another. When I went through Chemical Agents Instructor school we (of course) had to get a face full of CS...
  7. Acmemfg

    Which Tony Miller Strop?

    Any Tony Miller strop one chooses will be a winner. My runaway favorite choice is Tony’s “Roughout” (2nd from right). Very heavy draw. Best value for certain is the “Plain Chocolate” Horween horsehide. Truth be told, I can’t tell the difference between edges stropped on one or the other🤔
  8. Acmemfg

    What was your carry today?

    Carries very well...far too early to assess its finer points. One thing I frown on is that the magazine has a tendency to stick a little bit. It never just drops out when released. Not problematic, just annoying
  9. Acmemfg

    What was your carry today?

    Kahr CT380. Hornady Critical Duty 90 gr. Leather by Wright Leather Works. For some reason there are not a surplus of leather crafters who make a decent holster for this model Kahr.
  10. Acmemfg

    What TV series you watching?

    “News Radio” on Antennatv.com A comedy that was eons ahead of its time.
  11. Acmemfg

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Raspberry sourdough pancakes, takes about 12-18 hours to make but very well worth it. Alongside..Swaggerty's sausage. A Tennessee favorite. Made up near Knoxville
  12. Acmemfg

    What did you hone today?

    ...And, figured as long as I had all the stuff I’d give the Hart 7/8 a workout on my LaVeinette. It’s sad that Hart razors kind of declined years back. This one is a circa 2010 or thereabouts. Back then these were a fine razor. I truly enjoy mine.
  13. Acmemfg

    What did you hone today?

    Brian Brown 7/8 “Swedish Wannabe” on a 3k-12k Naniwa SS Progression. Always a legit choice for an efficient and consistent edge👍🏻
  14. Acmemfg

    FS Ralf Aust 6/8 Razor

    “North Georgia postage can be kind of sketchy too, at least that's what I hear.” Actually that was S.E. Tennessee.😖
  15. Acmemfg

    FS Ralf Aust 6/8 Razor

    Perfect condition. Box included. 6/8 Spanish point. Scales are Grenadilla (a.k.a. African Blackwood), rumored to soon become unavailable on goods shipped from the EU). Shave ready by my standards. Currently available from Europe for €165.97...plus shipping-usually about €20.00 or so; exactly...
  16. Acmemfg

    What was your carry today?

    Beretta Nano..Ritchie Leather CQ QR holster. Nothing exotic, a great EDC set up.
  17. Acmemfg

    New Randall in the Quiver

    Could not pass this one up. Model 14, 7 1/2" blade, micarta Border Patrol scales.
  18. Acmemfg

    European Shipping Woes

    Local Post Office staff here know some things perhaps we don't. They were able to discover exactly where my overseas package was...in a container with 26 other parcels....in Lisbon. Been over 5 weeks now....sigh.😒
  19. Acmemfg

    Shavemac D01 Two Band | What's the ideal loft for face lathering?

    Shavemac knots have gotten rather spend of late, however the D01 two band remains perhaps the best brush in my quiver. Loft should reflect the diameter. I'd say something like 24mm x 52mm. Do remember this is a dense little spud. I wouldn't go all that short on the loft......
  20. Acmemfg


    Memorial Day weekend? BBQ is mandatory. How about a slab of St. Louis cut ribs over slow hickory??