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    OC suggestions

    Yes the studs are the problem, much like the Gillette Old Type. Definitely worth trying then. Not sure why Fatip isn`t coming with a solution for this issue in 2019. Slight change in top cap design would totally eliminate that. I pif`ed it due to this issue. Have a Karve OC-C plate now.
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    OC suggestions

    Does using a different top cap (i.e Yintal) eliminate blade alignment issue ? I had a Fatip, loved the way it shaved but hated the blade alignment. If that changes its alignment. I`ll give that combo a shot.
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    Shaving With The Souplex Open Comb

    I`m after one of these on the bay as for my travel razor. How does the blade sit on these? Does it need adjustment like other Old Type`s or Fatip`s ?