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    Advice on honestone purchase

    Hallo all, I am looking to buy two hone stones, in order to start practice honing on razors. I curently have a belgian coticule selected grade 150x40 mm and would like to buy a bevel set stone one in the mid range.I know that there are different stones for bevel set from 0 or just for refresh...
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    Help ID Weck Wecprep

    Hallo , I just got this Weck with another Straight razor as 2 NOS razors, and wonder if this one is an original Weck USA. The reason i am wondering is because on the shavette has a stamp made in P.R.C / made in China/ . This Shavette must be more then 25 years old. The gentlemen who sell the...
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    Need help by restoring an E.A.Berg razor

    Hallo , I am new in the forum and have a little experience with a SR. I recently bought a vintage SR ,which need a restoration. The razor is Erik Anton Berg made in Eskilsuna/Sweden. It is a 4/8 French point and i belive it is a 1/4 Hallow grounded. I have cleaned it twice with a bath of...