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    TGN Finest or Finest F2

    I am thinking of replacing two brushes. One a 18mm and one a 22mm. A family member has the Finest and loves it. Anyone experience the Finest F2? Any other knots you would recommend from TGN or other sources that is currently in stock?
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    What size knot to buy?

    I am going to replace two brush knots with new ones from TGN. One brush handle is vintage. The the other is an Omega boar that I never liked. The vintage I am measuring about 19.125mm using a tape measure. The omega I believe is supposed to be 23mm but I measured about 22.25mm. Is it better...
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    Healthier: Drinking 3 beers 5 days a week or 6 beers twice a week.

    I am starting to think of my overall health long and short term. I am in my mid 30s and have been drinking alcohol on average twice a week since I was a since College. Most of the people I know drink more than 4 drinks on Friday and Saturday and usually have a beer or two after work during...
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    How to order a cocktail the way you want it?

    I don't order cocktails typically when I go out to eat. I usually just order beer. Tonight I am going out to eat and I am in the mood for a cocktail. In the past I usually just order an Old Fashion or a Manhattan. I let the bartender make it their way and 9/10 I am dissapointed. I usually...
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    Why Speick Why!

    Spreick aftershave is one of my favorites. I bought it around 14 months ago. It says on the bottle that it is good for 12 months. I always keep it in a cool dark place. I just splashed some on me and the scent has turned :( I have only used half a bottle. Man that stuff turns quickly. Must...
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    Look what Santa got me!

    It actually really isn't from Santa. My family bought me them. The razor looks to be never used. It seems similar to my fatboy but not adjustable and gold color. It says Gillette so I guess it is decent. Also some sort of shaving mug. It looks cool and works great. What do you all think?
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    Vintage Old Spice safe to use?

    My father just gave me a old bottle of Old Spice After Shave Conditioner. Since it is a lotion, I am afraid it is not good anymore. My father says he doesn't know how old it is but he said maybe 20-30 years old if he had to guess. It is in a plastic container and says Shulton on the bottom.
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    Which Blind buy Taylor of old Bond Street?

    I am making my Christmas list :biggrin1: I have the Rose Cream which I like and I want to try other TOBS creams and buy a matching aftershave. So which scent would be the best for a blind buy. My favorite scented aftershaves are: Alt Instrbruck Speick Art of Shaving Sandalwood Aqua...
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    Where can I buy Generic Old Spice

    I read that the Generic Old spice smells more like the Shulton Old Spice than the current Old Spice. I went to a Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree. They both didn't sell those. Family Dollar sold Generic Brut and Barbasol aftershaves while the Dollar Tree had a generic Brut called Macho and...
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    Short Shelf life on shaving products (Speick)?

    I always assumed that shaving cream will go bad within 2 years as well as aftershave balms. I figured soap and splash aftershave would last minimum of 3 years. I just read the back of my Speick shave cream and Speick aftershave. It has the 12 month symbol on it!!!! Both of those are a...
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    Just got AltInnsbruck for my Birthday!!!

    I hinted to my wife to buy it for my birthday. I was a bit hesitant because it is about $30 and I nevered smelled it. I never smelled AltInnsbruck but I know it gets great reviews hear. So hear is my first impression. Scent: Not what I expected. I smell a hint of grape maybe. I really...
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    Aqua Velva Musk smells similar to what?

    I have been contemplating on purchasing AV Musk. I smell it everytime at the store but wasn't sure if I liked it so I never bought it. Plus I always finish whatever I purchase. Whether it is food, shampoo, aftershave, cologne, etc. When I saw that Publix has been replacing the glass bottles...
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    Aqua Velva Musk or English Leather

    I don't need anymore aftershaves but my aftershave addicition is flaring up. Which of these splashes would you get? Also I remember smelling Canoe a lot when I was a kid and it smelled good. The reason why I didn't include it is because I don't know where to buy. Does anyone know where...
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    How long will a bottle of vermouth last?

    I love beer but recently I have been drinking a lot of Old Fashions (thanks Don). I used to drink Manhattans and I would like to have one every now and then. The only problem is I am cheap and I don't want to buy a bottle of vermouth if it will not last me. I may only have 1 Manhattan a week...
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    Am I getting scammed on Ebay?

    Am I getting scammed on Ebay? I just sold an item on ebay for about $200. I just received a message from buyer stating the following: I would like to pay through paypal, Pls send me a paypal money request for the invoice amount. My paypal account is [email protected] Thanks...
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    Best Oil Free Moisturizer

    I am in my 30s but still break out if I use certain things on my face. Right now I am using Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer. So far this is the best I've used but I want to try something different. I have tried Clinique M lotion (too thick), Origins Save the Males (good but don't...
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    What to use to clean laminate wood flooring?

    I have laminate wood flooring installed on my entire first floor. Since it has been installed years ago, I have been using Bruce laminate floor cleaner that I purchased from the "orange box". It works well but I am wondering if there are any superior products and/or cheaper solutions that are...
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    Liqour pourers good to use?

    I received a bunch of pourers such as the ones on that link (I don't know if they are those exact ones). They came with a stopper/plug but the person that gave them to me didn't have the stopper/plug, just the pourers. I usually keep my bottles in a closed bar/cabinet. If I used these...
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    leaf blower gas or electric?

    My hand-me-down Gas Homelite leaf blower hasn't been running great for the past 2 years. It probably is about 8-10 years old. I am thinking of purchasing a new blower. My main task is to blow off the patio and driveway after I cut the lawn or whenever it is dirty. I don't have many leaves...
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    Naniwa flattening/lapping stone any good?

    I see Naniwa has a 60 grit and a 220 grit lapping/flattening stone (I am not talking about the jumbo/big ones). Has anyone used these? If so how are they and how do they compare with the Norton flattening stone? What grit would you get to use on a Bester 1200 and a King 4000?