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    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Sometimes though your get what you pay for!
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    I just bought my first straight razor, I may need a little advice if you wouldn't mind.

    You can be rest assured it won’t be your last razor if you persevere and learn how to use it. There is a steep learning curve however until you’ll feel comfortable using it. I would advise from the beginning though to learn to use your non dominant hand as well as your dominant one. If you...
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    Declining sales at the, "Three T's?"

    Same for me!
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    Looking For OUD Aftershave Splash

    I 2nd that!
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    Got my new scuttle, shaving bowl.....how ever you want to call it. Do you use one?

    That is a beautiful scuttle. May I ask who made it and where did you get it? Thanks
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    Hello new friends!

    Welcome to the group. I hope you find it informative and can broaden your knowledge about wet shaving.
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    Let's see how badly I botched my first hone WITH PICTURES :D

    This guy is in Slovenia and might be able to help you if the guy mentioned above cannot. He’s a British chap. https: //www.etsy.com/shop/Straightrazzors
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    Ideas for a new suit without breaking the bank....

    When I was still working and needed suits I shopped Paul Fredricks.com They sell suits as matching separates. They sell both slim and classic fit. You can find somewhat fashionable attire or the timeless look. Check out their website.
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    What Are You Reading?

    Eddie: The Life and Times of America’s Bad Boy by Ken Osmond otherwise know by his stage name, Eddie Haskell. Since he passed a few days ago I thought I’d read about him since I grew up watching the Cleaver clan and Eddie.
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    SR Newbie Questions

    Don’t let the Italian speaking put you off. Just cut to the chase and watch the lathering and the shave.
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    SR Newbie Questions

    If you want to watch some people highly skilled with straight razors I suggest you go to YouTube and search the videos of Paolo Barrasso (barber from Torino), Luca Dinaro , La Scuola di Mastro Livi, and Luigi Migni barbiere. They are all in Italian but you’ll understand a little but learn a lot...
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    The "best" hair clippers for home/DIY use? Andis vs. Wahl vs Oster

    I own an Oster76 too with blades #2,1.5,1A and 1. It makes a buzz cut a piece of cake. I’d highly recommend one.
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    Have you noticed?

    I’d be curious to know the size of your stockpile in 6 months to a year time!!!! So far you’ve shown great restraint. 👍
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    First dozen SR shaves and no major scarring!

    You’re on your way through the rite of passage. Many of us have gone before you and many will follow! 👍
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    Roughly one month in.....

    Once you remove the whiskers during the first pass there will be less for subsequent lather to adhere to. Therefore I think lathering after the first pass will just seem naturally thinner because of beard reduction. Does that make sense? ...... I hope
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    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    Not only USA but worldwide too. Mozart was a Mason and if you read up on his opera The Magic Flute there is some Masonic symbolism in the opera.
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    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    I’ve visited lodges in Great Queen Street and provincial lodges as well and it really is quite different from here in the USA. As you stated guiding principles are the same though.
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    Is it worth stropping in-between passes?

    I think another carry over ritual is frequent palm stroping !
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    Question about Barbershop Soaps

    You might try Zingari Wanderer. It’s a great Barber Shop scent and great soap too. It lists patchouli but I don’t notice it. PAA Gondolier is Barber Shop as well. I agree about Mike’s, Stirling and B&M too
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    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    Yeah I Yeah I passed the proficiency catechism on the 3rd in the early 80’s but they did away with all that memory work. I think they did that so as not to put men off in asking to join. I know many lodges here in the Chicago area have merged as it was becoming too expensive to stand alone...