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  1. Seraphim

    Security Systems, Security Cameras, Companies, Etc.

    Anybody concerned about the double edged sword of subscription monitoring? Sure, you can see what’s happening in your apartment, but so can Ring/Google/Amazon...whom ever the provider. It’s like you’ve just bought the TV screen from 1984 and installed it yourself for Big Brother to have full...
  2. Seraphim

    Beards Might Be for Fighting

    As a bald man, I can say that the likelihood of scrapes has greatly increased with the lack of hair on my head. Hair does help.
  3. Seraphim

    What line of work are you in?

    I was a laser engineer for 20 years, got laid off last year. I’m now an entrepreneur with a baseball batting aid invention that I’ve just launched.
  4. Seraphim

    I made it to Spring Training

    It’s called the Thumb-per (www.thumb-per.com) Now, if we can just get some baseball going again....
  5. Seraphim

    I made it to Spring Training

    I had previously invented an aid for violin playing (www.wonderthumb.com) When my 12 year old nephew put it on, he exclaimed that it was much better than what he had been using (for batting), and that it would be great for baseball. So, I redesigned it (and filed for another patent) for baseball...
  6. Seraphim

    I made it to Spring Training

    I invented a new baseball thumb guard that I just launched in a January. Protects against bat sting, and keeps the bat up in the fingers, not deep in the palm for improved control and bat speed. I had a number of NCAA players, some MiLB players, and my crowning achievement; a few MLB guys use it...
  7. Seraphim

    virus movies.

    Yeah, Fred Astaire doesn't do much dancing in the movie, does he?
  8. Seraphim

    virus movies.

    funny black comedy:
  9. Seraphim

    virus movies.

    Mad Max never specifies what the causes the collapse of societal structure. In the original, there is still a vestigial police force, etc. yet obviously life is not normal.
  10. Seraphim

    virus movies.

    Book of Eli
  11. Seraphim

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Couch to 5K is how I started. Great program
  12. Seraphim

    virus movies.

    Not quite virus, but end of the world stuff aplenty waiting for the inevitable-- 1959 "On the Beach"
  13. Seraphim

    Corona Virus - Anyone Else Monitoring It?

    Jack London, 1910 http://london.sonoma.edu/Writings/StrengthStrong/invasion.html
  14. Seraphim

    Made in China!

    I am currently bringing a new, molded part to market. I plan to NEVER have any manufacturing done in China. They likely will want to knock off the part, but why make it any easier for them by supplying them with the CAD files, etc? Made in the USA, baby!
  15. Seraphim

    Corona Virus - Anyone Else Monitoring It?

    Its pretty sad that my cynicism has reached new heights. Most years "they" crank up the hype machine around the standard flu, seemingly to drive more people to go get the flu $hots, so Big Pharma can make their $$$$. The hype around this "outbreak" is bizarre. Based upon reported numbers, it...
  16. blk wht hand.jpg

    blk wht hand.jpg

  17. Seraphim

    Car Washing Advice - Chemical Guys? Power Buffer?

    The Ol' fashioned way...
  18. Seraphim

    Filarmonica without numbering:original or fake?

    Depends on if I have a Sharpie in my workshop still...
  19. Seraphim

    *Warning-Spoilers, see post #697* - HBO's Game of Thrones

    I watched the Mountain vs Viper fight last night on Utube. GOT was spectacular when at its best
  20. Seraphim


    Pit Bull!