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  1. Starfury

    You won't believe this cell phone. Or will you?

    Lets just let the article from Engadget explain itself. http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2009/03/22/cool758-razor-phone-really-can-shave-awaits-complete-market-sat/ Cheers.
  2. Starfury

    Just thought I'd share this B&B experience.

    I recently posted this on the Score thread, but thought it was such a great example of the type of people we have here at B&B that I would post it here as well. A short while back I was needling a member about having two of the same razor. I jokingly asked him why he needed two of these...
  3. Starfury

    Fatboy- last years of production?

    Afternoon gents; Just a quick question: What was the last year for the Fatboy? Was it 1961? If it was I'm kinda mad. I'd prefer my birthday razor (1963) to be a Fatboy rather than a Slim-adjustable or a 50's-style SS. But from what I see on the dating chart it appears that I am...
  4. Starfury

    Odd color help: Scrubbing Bubbles/Gold razors

    Well gents, I have here two gold Gillettes in need of some help. Both were in the Scrubbing Bubbles soak, and as you can see in the images there are some odd colors that emerge. I wonder- is that the lacquer being discolored? You can easily see the discoloration on the collar of the...
  5. Starfury

    Standard-issue Old-Type in Bulldog case?

    Here is a recent eBay acquisition. If my research is correct (Achim's page), this is the case for a 1918 Bulldog. The razor, however, appears to be a pretty standard Old-Type. Serial # on the razor is H62(undermined)644. The number I am unsure of is rubbed-away on the bottom. Looks like...
  6. Starfury

    Oh no! Post office and my RAD!

    The US Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090128/ap_on_go_ot/meltdown_post_office Uhm...dude. I realize the US Postal Service is losing money, but who is going to deliver my RAD packages? :eek: Most 'bayers only use the postal service...
  7. Starfury

    I think I found MY blade bank

    I found these things on that auction site. The pictures are from two different auctions. These would make a killer blade bank as they have the rubber stoppers at the bottom. :thumbup1: Peace
  8. Starfury

    Help ID'ing a Tech

    Evening gents; Here we go again. I need help getting something near a date on this Tech: Thanks B&B Sherlocks :thumbup1: Peace
  9. Starfury

    Fatboy Slim

    You know, after becoming a Gillette DE user, I've started seeing (and reading-into) shave-related things everywhere. Then I wondered; where did musician Norman Cook, aka "Fatboy Slim" get his stage name? From an NPR article: First question: Where did the name come from? "Thin air...
  10. Starfury

    Another Milford?

    I noticed the other day that another "Milford" was up for auction on eBay. I don't know if it's the same seller with another "Milford", or if it's the same "Milford" that perhaps didn't sell before. :sneaky2: Peace
  11. Starfury

    Thayers dropped by Corp. GNC stores

    Thayers witch hazel is apparently being dropped by Corporate-owned GNC stores. I was at 3 different GNC stores in my area and this is what they all told me. It seems only the locally-owned GNCs will continue to carry Thayers. You may still be able to find NOS, but after that they will...
  12. Starfury

    Gillette plating thread?

    Curious; Is there a thread listing the platings used on all Gillette razors? I don't have the Gillette Handbook (yet), and don't even know if the info is listed there. I have no idea what my Big Fellow is plated with...silver perhaps? I'd love to be able to restore it's luster, if I...
  13. Starfury

    Big Fellow

    I got my 1921 Big Fellow today. I haven't been able to find much about their qualities. How's the shave? How aggressive? It didn't make the Wiki aggressiveness scale, so I'm curious :) This forum and some others don't allow small words like "big" (yeah, big is a small word) in their...
  14. Starfury

    Gillette handle compatibility.

    I recently scored a boxed Windsor for $20 shipped from the bay. The handle looks pretty worn, though the business-end of the razor and the gold blade box looks pretty nice. Inside of the box looks clean too, not sure about the outside of the box as I have not received the razor yet. I...
  15. Starfury

    First shave with 47-48 Tech

    First of all, my Truefitt and Hill sampler arrived today. I even waited for the mail to arrive because I had a feeling it would. Lucky me. I went for the 1805 immediately, since this was the scent that always intrigued me. After that would be the Trafalgar. To make a long story short...
  16. Starfury

    A collection of razor commercial parodies.

    Deleted by me. After a while I deemed them inappropriate for such a gentlemanly forum. Mod feel free to delete this post altogether :)
  17. Starfury

    A collection of razor commercial parodies.

    Moved to general forum.
  18. Starfury

    First shave with an Old Type

    Well, today I decided to take the plunge and try out my 1920's Old Type. Alas the handle had the classic crack, and wanted to pull-away from the razor head too easily for my liking. Thus I created something of a Franken-Razor (no relation to Al), as I've heard of other users doing the same. I...
  19. Starfury

    One more Gillette ID please...

    Ok guys...here we go again. I'm hoping this is the last ID I need from the forum's Sherlocks: No date codes, etc and so on. I've seen these around the Net, but haven't gotten much info. I've seen other razors in similar cases. I may have the "right case, wrong razor" here...