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  1. Firefly0817

    Saponificio Varesino Optunia

    Any of you cool kids given this newly released soap a whirl? I have no idea if the scent is good, performance (I assume good), hard, soft, etc, etc...
  2. Firefly0817

    1955 Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed

    RAZOR REVIEW: Gillette (Vintage) RAZOR NAME: Flare Tip Super Speed COST: That Depends! $15 -$75 SPECS: Handle Length- 3" (knurled Design) Overall Length- 3 3/8" or there about Material- Nickel Finished Brass Country of Manufacture- USA ABOUT- In 1954, Elvis recorded his first song, a home...
  3. Firefly0817

    Clubman's Very Special Reserve

    AFTERSHAVE REVIEW: Pinaud Special Reserve COST PER OUNCE: A 6 fl oz container runs about $8.00. My purchase was simply a bottle swap from my friend Ron, who thought it smelled like half-smoked Newports and death. He in turn, received a lightly used bottle of Pinaud Lime Sec. ABOUT: The...
  4. Firefly0817

    Pinaud Lime Sec, Where's the Beef?

    AFTERSHAVE REVIEW: Pinaud Lime Sec After Shave Lotion COST PER OUNCE: A 12.5 fl oz container runs from 9 to 12 dollars depending on where you shop for your facial pampering items. My purchase was through Amazon for just under $9.00. ABOUT: One of many Ed Pinaud odiferous aftershave options...
  5. Firefly0817

    Fine Platinum, I love you, but...

    I Have To Confess It's not you, it's me. So what's that have to do with shaving you ask? I'm referring to my love of Fine Accoutrement's Platinum Aftershave. It was early fall, September 22nd to be exact, when I began this whirlwind love affair. After conducting my usual overkill of internet...
  6. Firefly0817

    Tabac, The Original Since 1959

    SOAP REVIEW: Tabac Original Shaving Soap COST PER OUNCE: Average prices out there are around $18.00 for a 4.4 oz. puck & $23.00 for the 4.4 oz. puck in the "milk jar" glass Tabac container. INGREDIENTS: Potassium Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Tallowate, Potassium Cocoate, Aqua, Sodium...
  7. Firefly0817


    Gillette Silver Blue vs Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum Like the previous bout between Polsilver and Astra, each was placed in an Edwin Jagger DE safety razor. (Kelvin & DE 89) Nothing's more entertaining than watching two relatives wrestle on the floor after polishing off a case of beer...
  8. Firefly0817

    The Great Debate, Blade Speaking of Course!

    Bout two of the great blade face off has begun between brothers Gillette. Silver Blue vs 7 O'clock Super Platinum. I'll post the results after the five round fight is over. The winner will go on to face Astra Superior Platinum who won a split decision against crowd favorite Polsilver in the...
  9. Firefly0817

    My Parker Variant .02¢ Worth Review

    RAZOR REVIEW: Parker RAZOR NAME: Variant Adjustable Safety Razor COST: $57.00 (or there about) SPECS: Weight- 4 oz. Handle Length- 3 1/2" (knurled Design) Overall Length- 4" Material- Brass, Satin Chrome Finish Country of Manufacture- India ABOUT: According to their website (so it must be...
  10. Firefly0817

    (Damn) Fine Classic Brush Review

    BRUSH REVIEW: Fine Accoutrements BRUSH NAME: Fine Classic Shaving Brush COST: $20.00 (about) SPECS: Hair- Synthetic Knot- 20mm Loft- 56mm Handle Height- 52mm ABOUT: Fine Accoutrements was founded by a fella named Todd Cerami, a.k.a. "Mr. Fine". After discovering the benefits of...
  11. Firefly0817

    Great Blade Face Off - Astra Superior Platinum vs Polsilver Super Iridium

    GREAT BLADE FACE OFF- Astra Superior Platinum vs Polsilver Super Iridium Both blades placed in Edwin Jagger DE safety razors with the only difference being the handle length. (Kelvin & DE 89) Both get one half of my face. The shave will consist of a three-pass shave, performed every other...
  12. Firefly0817

    Fine American Blend Or Razorock XXX

    I've heard they smell similar. Who of you has BOTH, and can confirm? I love my Fine Platinum soap & aftershave, but have zero experience with Razorock. I was waiting for the XXX splash to come back into stock before placing an order, but I'm now rethinking this, and may just go with FAB.
  13. Firefly0817

    Polsilver Review Comrade!

    DE BLADE REVIEW- Blade Name: Polsilver Super Iridium Cost per 5 pack: $2.50 - $2.75 Pros: Longest lasting blade I've ever tried. I can easily get 5 three-pass shaves out of these, and then I throw the blade out. I then feel guilty because I know I could've probably gotten 5 more out of...
  14. Firefly0817

    Are You a Parker Varient User?

    Just received an email about the Parker Varient Adjustable razor, but there seems to be very few reviews on this rascal. Are any of you crazy kids using this and willing to share your experience with said razor. I don't currently own an adjustable, but I'm willing to try and cut my face to...
  15. Firefly0817

    Polsilver, This is the end, my friend.

    Hey all, I'm a big Polsilver fan. In fact, it is my favorite blade, and I'm intrigued by the rumors that this very successful blade may no longer be made. There are a lot of opinions out there that suggest the rumors are true, and some that suggest it's just a marketing ploy by our eastern block...