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  1. Badgerfat

    Templeton Rye.

    Hello ladies and gents, I would like to know if anyone has ever tried Templeton Rye, and what your thoughts on this Rye whiskey are. My mother in law gave me a bottle of this straight from the distillery (she lives 5 miles away) this past christmas, and I have to say....Delicious. It's a...
  2. Badgerfat

    A PBS Night.

    Hello all, last night a program about Henry Ford and his rise from the farm to America's greatest businessman aired. It got me to wondering if Mr. Ford was a Gillette man, a GEM man or a straight shave man. Then came out the whole nostalgic thoughts of what it would have been like to grow up in...
  3. Badgerfat

    Old Spice Fresh Limes cream.

    Hello folks, I was wondering if any of you have tried the Old Spice Fresh Limes cream in the tube? Is it a decent cream, or is it lacking in areas of slickness? Is it a good scent? Also, has anyone tried the Classic scent cream made in India. I have read a few places it is darn near identical to...
  4. Badgerfat

    Restore project.

    Hello folks, I am restoring my first brush right now, and would like any kind of info on the handle. I has an upside down triangle with a "P" in the center of it. Sterilized is stenciled on the top, and arched under the P is what I assume to be the manufacturers name, but it is partially cut...
  5. Badgerfat

    My new Kent!

    I just received my new Kent H8 from WCS today!! (Ridiculously fast shipping) And I was in awe when I opened her up, it is in fa ct my first high quality brush! :thumbup1: I shall name her Cynthia...:001_wub:
  6. Badgerfat

    My Autostrop!

    So I know the bay is kind of a sin, but I couldn't hold back on this one and got it for a steal!!! I cleaned her up, and I think I will shave with her tomorrow!! Got some of the Feathers for it.
  7. Badgerfat

    How to?

    I recently purchased a brush on the bay, and was wanting some info, or links to the threads on how to restore the brush. This will be my first attempt at a restore project. I have read one thread about steaming the handle and the old knot will fall out cleanly? And where can I actually get a new...
  8. Badgerfat


    I just purchased my Kent H8 off of WCS!!! I settled on this after alot of self dispute, and second guessing LOL. Now the hard part....the wait :scared:
  9. Badgerfat

    Threat on 3bay

    I was looking at razors tonight on the bay. There was a GEM 1912 that had a BIN price of $65.00 or best offer. So I put my best offer in for $10.00 as it was just the razor, user grade and very scummy dirty. The seller responded within 2 minutes, and was threatening to report me to the ebay...
  10. Badgerfat

    Lost in the lofts!

    Hey gents, I have been given the go ahead to purchase a new brush with a cap of 200USD. For me this is a terribly hard area for me. I have been looking at Simpsons, Rooneys, Whipped Dogs. I would like a honest opinion what someone would buy for their first Quality badger brush. I am a primarily...
  11. Badgerfat

    My razor holder.

    I was at a local big box, and was looking for a nice tooth brush holder to mount some of my collection, but it seemed they all had too big of holes to really secure the razors it. I just happened to stumble into the kitchen stuff isle, and I think I solved my problem....Temporarily... At least...
  12. Badgerfat

    Cleaning GEMS?

    Does anyone know of a way to take apart a Gem Micromatic? I would like to thoroughly clean mine, because it seems a bit sticky on the inside. It doesn't twist as smoothly as my other 2, and it's hard to get the inside of the cap completely scum free.
  13. Badgerfat

    Money money money.

    When did the price of aftershaves skyrocket? Ols Spice at 11 bucks for 3.4 oz!!! Clubman at 8.50!!! Aqua Velva at 7.50!!! When I bought these years ago they were the "cheap" AS's I have a giant stock of old Shulton Inc OS, but am dreading the day I run out LOL!!!
  14. Badgerfat

    Hope someone can help?

    Hey gents, I am in somewhat of a dilemma. I bought a straight from the bay a little over a year ago, with all intentions of being a real man and shaving like I had watched my dad for years shave. It's not for me.... I prefer DE and SE razors. Nothing against straights, I wish I could have gotten...
  15. Badgerfat

    BnB shave brush

    I have been using my BnB brush now for 2 weeks exclusively, and have found it is starting to get nice and soft. It has fanned out fairly decently and I no longer have trouble with any of my creams or soaps. I had found when it was new directly out of the box, that Tabac was nearly impossible to...
  16. Badgerfat

    Farn you GEM!

    So I kind of have an update on a previous post about my first shave with a GEM Micromatic.... I have used it all last week and starting into this week, and at first I was telling myself it was to learn technique....... I've become addicted I think. I have actually come to realize I love this...
  17. Badgerfat

    Re-plating question?

    Hey, I have recently bought a GEM Micromatic, and love the shave. I was wondering if there were any dealers or services for re-plating these. I know there are plenty for the Gillette style DE's, but do they also service GEMs? Thanks for any help!
  18. Badgerfat

    An altered state!

    Ok so heres my rant. I have been reading the different opinions of bowl latherers and face latherers and I have found I kind of have a hybrid of both combined. I usually start the lather in the bowl till I get a light foam. Then I will move it to the face to thicken it up all the while dipping...
  19. Badgerfat

    DRY Skin!

    I have found that in the winter my skin and face just can't handle alcoholic aftershaves (guess it's a lightweight)... I just seem to dry up too much and then my face is left irritated and dead. I am a huge fan of OS classic, but I have ended up using some Nivea post shave balm for the winter...
  20. Badgerfat

    First use!

    I have been waiting for my GEM micromatic for about a week now, and finally got it today! After a little elbow grease to remove the 50 years of scum under the door, I gave it a nice soak in barbicide and promptly took it for a test drive... I like it, obviously I will need to get my technique...