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  1. theologist

    MERKUR New for 2010

    Apart from the Bakelite model, the new Merkur catalogue shows three other new models, including what looks to be a black handled version of the 38C and another in stainless steel. Does anyone know who is carrying stock of the full range?
  2. theologist

    Hybrid Parker 91R/Muhle

    I just thought I'd let you all know... I bought a EJ 'Diffusion' for the (new) head and a Parker 91R for the handle, and put the two together. Absolutely spiffing razor. Great weight, balance and appearance. If anyone wants the Parker head, they can have it for postage only (but, in...
  3. theologist

    What's your Lodge?

    I've enjoyed the conversation about Freemasonry running recently on the forum. It has made me curious about what Lodges fellows belong to - and what sorts of Lodges. I understand that in some Constitutions, people can only belong to one Lodge, but in other places you can join several...
  4. theologist

    Which Blades Last Best?

    Hi everyone... I've come back to DE shaving after a few years in cartridge wilderness! I've been working my way through some blade samples over the last few months - Derby, Wilkos, Red P's, Feathers, Merkurs... except for the latter, they are all quite good. However, none of them seem to...
  5. theologist

    Happy New Year and Delayed Introduction

    Hello everyone - "G'day" I have been greatly enjoying the mine of information and tower of good fellowship that is B&B for several weeks. At the beginning I didn't post here in "Newbies" because, as a wet-shaver, I've been at it for 35 years. I think I had one attempted shave with an...