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  1. BlackBear

    PIF Muhle R41 - 2011 Edition

    I've decided to PIF my R41. Try as I might, I just have not got the hang of this beast and don't really look forward to a shave when I pick this one up. To be fair, I've only used it about 6 times so it's in 'as new' condition. This is the 2011 model, which has some extreme blade exposure and...
  2. BlackBear

    AD's six months in

    Well, it's been about 6 months for me since I gave away the carts and canned goo and was having a bit of a spring clean today. I decided to lay all my shaving related paraphernalia out and just see what I've amassed so far. Kind of surprising when I see it like this rather than tucked away in...
  3. BlackBear

    PIF QCS - Australia Only

    I have a tub of QCS Cayman that I will PIF to someone in Australia........I've only used it about 3 times and although it's a superb soap, the Bay Rum scents are just not to my liking. If you reside in Oz and want to try this soap, just post that 'you're in' and I'll pick a random winner at...
  4. BlackBear

    Which SE Blade?

    Gents, soon I will be in receipt of a vintage Gem G bar razor and although I have sourced injector blades and feather blades for my other SE razors, I was wondering if I could get some advice on which blades are best for the Gem. I have found an Australian website, the agents for Ted Pella here...
  5. BlackBear

    Some more Cobra Classics up for grabs

    If you missed out on the batch from Classic Shaving - Executive Shaving in the UK have some in stock now. I think you pay the £125 if outside the UK (ex VAT price) http://www.executive-shaving.co.uk/cobra-classic-safety-razor.php
  6. BlackBear

    The Little Omega that could.

    Found this little Omega brush the other day in a shaving store, had never seen it online at the usual vendors so I had to buy one and at $9.95 it was a steal (wished I'd grabbed a few of them for gifts!) It's pure bristle and so tiny, but boy it sure whips up a good lather for such a wee fella...
  7. BlackBear

    Found My 'Go To' Blade

    I've tried a number of different blades recently, everything from Derby's to Feathers, but for the past week I've been using a Gillette Platinum Rubie and I have to say it's the best I've tried yet. I have a pretty tough beard and most blades don't make it past shave 3, but this Rubie - wow...
  8. BlackBear

    BBC Radio Highlights Traditional Wet Shaving

    An interesting segment on the popularity of traditional wet shaving, featuring some of our favourite youtube stars :biggrin1: aired recently on BBC radio. Skip ahead to about the 15 minute mark when the shaving discussion starts. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r9cdj
  9. BlackBear

    Luxury Shaving Kit PIF - International

    Gentlemen (and Ladies) After only a few months as a B&B member my knowledge and appreciation of all things related to traditional wet shaving has grown enormously over this time. From humble beginnings watching Geo's and Mantics videos (who would have thought that watching another grown man...
  10. BlackBear

    Neat container for soap pucks

    I bought a C&E West Indian lime soap puck the other day and was hunting around the house for something to store it in. Stuck to the side of the fridge I spotted these Ikea Spice containers (never used, just magnetised to the side gathering dust!) I cleaned them up and found it was a perfect...
  11. BlackBear

    From Russia with Love

    Got home today to another :rolleyes1 package - this time a nice blade sampler from Russia along with a cheap razor made by Vostok that I added to the order because it was only $6. I'm thinking tonight's shave will be a new Voskhod and I might as well try the new razor, sometimes these cheapies...
  12. BlackBear

    Very Nice Birthday Present!

    Just thought I'd share the latest additions to my den, a Shavemac 177 Silvertip brush, 23mm knot & TOBS Jermyn Street soap in the wooden bowl, presents from my wonderful girlfriend for my birthday which was on Thursday.
  13. BlackBear

    Any advice before I shave with the R41

    Gents, Tonight I will be having a shave with my new R41, I have about 3 days growth as I wanted to see how it performed on a reasonable beard. Have just watched geo's video and noticed he has the handle quite vertical during his shave with it. Would love some tips or recommendations before I...
  14. BlackBear

    Vintage razor - any info appreciated

    I picked up this razor off the bay before christmas for about $26 USD, it was described as a Military Tech with W4 date code puting it at 1951, seller desribed it as looking unused, and I say I must agree, it looks in mint condition, no wearing or marks, no chips off the bakelite handle, just...
  15. BlackBear

    First shave with a Feather AC

    Having recently taken possession of a non folding feather AC SS straight, I had my first shave with it today, I am comfortable with my prep and lather, as I have been using a DE for a couple of months, with good results and improving with every shave. Today's effort with the feather was about...
  16. BlackBear

    Additions to the Den

    Just posting a pic of some items I have taken delivery of over the past couple of days (I know how you guys love photos!) so without further a-do here they are. L - R Goodfella OC razor (Goodfella NZ) Have used this a few times now, but I think the jury is still out, very mild shave. The razor...
  17. BlackBear

    The Gillette Fusion bites back!

    So last night I had some spare time on my hands and was in need of a shave, I put some old school Edith Piaff music on and began my normal routine with my EJ DE89, an Astra SP blade, proraso soap and pre shave cream. Twenty minutes later I had a DFS and was quite pleased, probably the best one...
  18. BlackBear

    Hi to all B&B members

    Hi Everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself, first day on B&B. I'm Andy, originally from New Zealand but now settled in Australia. Guess I have always been a 'wet shaver' never used electric at all, but like many thought I was getting the best shave form the latest Gillette multiblade. I have...
  19. BlackBear

    BlackBear's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Andy What are your nicknames/aliases? Bear Where do you live? Western Australia What is your age (or) generation? 43 (for now) What are you in the real world? Supply Officer, Mining Industry What is your favorite shave setup? Currently still...