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  1. Firefly0817

    My Parker Variant .02¢ Worth Review

    After it returned to me from North Shore Razors, I removed the paint that was near the top of the handle. This exposed the brass, giving it that nice "firehouse" color combination of red, black, & brass. Scott Ferguson did a really nice job. He was prompt with the work, and was very helpful...
  2. Firefly0817

    My Parker Variant .02¢ Worth Review

    Painted by North Shore.
  3. Firefly0817

    Saponificio Varesino Optunia

    Any of you cool kids given this newly released soap a whirl? I have no idea if the scent is good, performance (I assume good), hard, soft, etc, etc...
  4. Firefly0817

    My Parker Variant .02¢ Worth Review

    I agree with you davidepeden, the razor performs exceptionally well, but the finish sucks. I eventually had mine painted. Once it returned to me, I made a few more modifications, and am happy with it.
  5. Firefly0817

    1955 Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed

    RAZOR REVIEW: Gillette (Vintage) RAZOR NAME: Flare Tip Super Speed COST: That Depends! $15 -$75 SPECS: Handle Length- 3" (knurled Design) Overall Length- 3 3/8" or there about Material- Nickel Finished Brass Country of Manufacture- USA ABOUT- In 1954, Elvis recorded his first song, a home...
  6. Firefly0817

    Clubman's Very Special Reserve

    Know we know why chicks dig astronauts! It's not the uniform, but the Special Reserve.
  7. Firefly0817

    Clubman's Very Special Reserve

    AFTERSHAVE REVIEW: Pinaud Special Reserve COST PER OUNCE: A 6 fl oz container runs about $8.00. My purchase was simply a bottle swap from my friend Ron, who thought it smelled like half-smoked Newports and death. He in turn, received a lightly used bottle of Pinaud Lime Sec. ABOUT: The...
  8. Firefly0817

    Opinions - Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve Cologne

    You fine sir, nailed that eluding scent that I could not place my finger on! Aramis! The same cologne worn by my drill instructor circa 1981, and by me later on. I just landed my hands on a bottle, and couldn't figure out why I was so familiar with it! I plan to post a review later, once I've...
  9. Firefly0817

    Pinaud Lime Sec, Where's the Beef?

    I have to try that darn Citrus Musk you boys keep talking about! I think that's the next buy.
  10. Firefly0817

    Pinaud Lime Sec, Where's the Beef?

    AFTERSHAVE REVIEW: Pinaud Lime Sec After Shave Lotion COST PER OUNCE: A 12.5 fl oz container runs from 9 to 12 dollars depending on where you shop for your facial pampering items. My purchase was through Amazon for just under $9.00. ABOUT: One of many Ed Pinaud odiferous aftershave options...
  11. Firefly0817

    Clubman lime sec

    For a summertime splash, to go with the sounds of kids laughing and peeing in the pool, I've ordered a bottle of Ed Pinaud Lime Sec. I'll try and write an entertaining review once I've given it a go. I may have to try the Citrus Musk in the early fall, as the leaves begin to turn, and those damn...
  12. Firefly0817

    Fine Platinum, I love you, but...

    I Have To Confess It's not you, it's me. So what's that have to do with shaving you ask? I'm referring to my love of Fine Accoutrement's Platinum Aftershave. It was early fall, September 22nd to be exact, when I began this whirlwind love affair. After conducting my usual overkill of internet...
  13. Firefly0817

    The Parker Variant is Available!

    You do realize there is no 11? The dial setting is from 1 to 5. Going around again IS possible, but subject to fines including jail time. I know it was silly, but I actually read the instructions that came with it.
  14. Firefly0817

    Farewell to Clubman

    I like me some Clubman, Mmmhmm...
  15. Ed Pinaud Clubman, Old School Scent

    Ed Pinaud Clubman, Old School Scent

    AFTERSHAVE REVIEW: Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion COST PER OUNCE: A 12.5 fl oz container will run you around $10.00. A stop at the local Sally Beauty Supply store introduced me to this little gem of a bottle for under $7.00. It grabbed my attention, keeping me occupied as my wife browsed...
  16. Firefly0817

    The Parker Variant is Available!

    Great review Amateriat! Love your style. I agree on every point btw.
  17. Firefly0817

    Tabac, The Original Since 1959

    SOAP REVIEW: Tabac Original Shaving Soap COST PER OUNCE: Average prices out there are around $18.00 for a 4.4 oz. puck & $23.00 for the 4.4 oz. puck in the "milk jar" glass Tabac container. INGREDIENTS: Potassium Stearate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Tallowate, Potassium Cocoate, Aqua, Sodium...
  18. Firefly0817


    Per the boxes, 7 o'clocks are made in India, and Silver Blues are made in Russia.
  19. Firefly0817


    Price discussion link below; The Great Debate, Blade Speaking of Course!