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  1. macintoshBR

    Rescaling my Filarmonica 14 EPBD with the minimum amount of tools

    - Preface Back in 2015 I was offered a NOS Filarmonica 14 EPBD by a guy who had acquired a large lot from an old distributor, and I could not resist. I was relatively new to wet-shaving, and after a year or so using DEs I was eager to try to learn to use a straight razor. The razor was...
  2. macintoshBR

    Proraso / Valobra acquired by Asian fund

    Ludovico Martelli, owner of Proraso, Marvis, and Valobra brands sold a 30% stake to a Hong Kong-based Private Equity fund From what I was able to gather, the fund's objective is to grow all brands, but with different priorities. Let's hope the injected money will support expansion without...
  3. macintoshBR

    If I were starting SR today... with the knowledge I have now

    This post is intended to (hopefully) help those that are starting or thinking about starting to shave with a Straight Razor. Knowing what you know today, if you were to start your journey all over, what steps would you have followed? I for one would certainly have saved hundreds of dollars and...
  4. macintoshBR

    First time with new Proraso green pre shave

    I am visiting some friends in Italy, and I decided to try the new Proraso formula (called Super Formula) pre shave cream. Here are my findings 1- it’s slightly more expensive than the previous formula (a few dozen cents) here in Italy (€3.49 in a large super market) 2- it’s slightly more...
  5. macintoshBR

    FS Vintage AoS Sandalwood, SMN Cream, Hermes ASB, Tabac, Cade and more

    Gentlemen, Probably my last downsize as I am sticking to the products I like the most. Some great items for sale. Add $5 for CONUS shipping (I will ship worldwide for the actual cost). Paypal G&S for your safety - I bear the fees - Vintage Art of Shaving Sandalwood (tallow version made by...
  6. macintoshBR

    Nostalgic summer shave... in a barbershop I’ve never been to

    The tale of a nostalgic shave in a barbershop I have never been to... It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere, time to go on holidays with my dear wife. Return home after a long day at the beach; The view, the sea, the company, everything was just perfect. Took a good shower, cleaned the salt...
  7. macintoshBR

    FS Dovo Best Quality 5/8" and ATT M1/M2 head

    Gentlemen, My downsize continues and I have for sale two great items that I have not used a lot lately. Prices include CONUS shipping. Paypal (G&S for your safety - I will bear the fees) - Dovo Best Quality 5/8": almost brand new (<10 uses in total) , purchased 1 year ago. Shave ready and...
  8. macintoshBR

    FS MdC Unscented, Dovo Best Quality, ATT M1/M2, Filarmonica 11, SRD Modular Paddle strop

    Gentlemen, I am cleaning up some of the unused gear. Paypal only (G&S, I bear the fees), CONUS shipping included (will ship Internationally for the actual cost) - Martin de Candre (MdC) Unscented: used only once, still filled up to the brim. Comes with original package - $48 - Filarmonica 11...
  9. macintoshBR

    FS MdC Unscented, Filarmonica 11 EPBC, SRD Modular Paddle strop

    Gentlemen, I am cleaning up some of the unused gear. Paypal only (G&S), CONUS shipping included. - Martin de Candre (MdC) Unscented: used only once. Comes with original package - $55 - Filarmonica 11 EPBC with original box: $45. I haven't shaved with this blade. It cuts arm hair but I suppose...
  10. macintoshBR

    FS Mongoose Razor SS satin head

    gentlemen Up for sale is a Mongoose Razor in stainless steel with satin head and Polished barber pole handle. I bought this myself back in 2015 and used it very sparingly, as I prefer mild razors. It is in near mint condition. I will try to find the original box and will include it if...
  11. macintoshBR

    FS Software clearance - SV, XPEC, LPL and more - Worldwide shipping

    Gentlemen, my downsizing continues; I am targeting to keep only 5 soaps in my rotation, so everything else has to go. I tried to put the lowest prices as possible. Here are a some great soaps / creams for your appreciation. Due to shipping costs, I have grouped the items into 4 lots. Rules: -...
  12. macintoshBR

    FS Den thinning: Nice DE Razors and brushes

    Gentlemen, up for sale a few brushes and DE razors in great condition that are not getting much love Brushes: - Simpsons LE TSE M6 Manchurian (box included): $105 - Simpsons Tulip Super 2-band: $105 - Romera Briar Manchurian 30mm: $80 - Shavemac 90 D01 Silvertip 3-band: $80 - L'Occitane Plisson...
  13. macintoshBR

    FS: Filarmonicas, ATT, Mongoose, Simpsons, Shavemac, Romera

    Gentlemen, I am listing some nice and unique pieces for your consideration. Filarmonicas: - Filarmonica 14 JMP Especial Para Barbas Duras (bought NOS and shaved 5-10 times with it. Still has the original factory edge): $495 - Filarmonica 13 JMP beautiful plain blade: $295 - FIlarmonica 11 Corte...
  14. macintoshBR

    Help! I can't lather Le Pere Lucien

    Hi guys A few weeks ago I purchased a 200g tin of LPL traditional shaving soap. I admit. I had huge expectations for this soap based on the reviews. I have used it for 4 days now, and all my shaves have been ridiculously.... Bad!!! I can't get to lather it right. The lather is thin...
  15. macintoshBR

    WTS Simpsons Polo PL8 Best + Simpsons Preshave oil

    Items will ship on Monday, March 30th from Florida - USA CONUS, Paypal only. Up for sale is a Simpsons Polo PL 8 in Best Badger in like-new condition (less than 5 uses) plus a Simpsons Pre-shave oil with only 3 uses. The brush handle, at 65mm, is too big for my hands. Retail value: $156. I am...
  16. macintoshBR

    WTS Shaving lot / WTT Simpson's brushes

    Clearing out part of my den. Pay pal and CONUS only this time Items will ship from Florida USA on Monday, Feb 09 2015 Shaving lot include the following: - Semogue 620. Well cared, no shedding issues, great boar brush - Omega Italian Flag. Same knot of 10049 but with a much better, sturdy...
  17. macintoshBR

    My new home made shaving stand

    Given the high price tags for most commercial shaving stands, I decided to put together my own. It accommodates 4 shaving brushes and 2 razors, and has a rotating mechanism. I used Brazilian Jatoba wood legally extracted from the Amazon forest and a rotating base from German firm Hafele...
  18. macintoshBR

    My new Simpson's brushes!

    These are my first high-end badger brushes The first one is a Polo 8 25.5 x 54mm in Best Badger and the other is a Chubby 1 23mm knot in Super Badger. Surprisingly enough, the Chubby has an incredible short loft at only 41mm. Before the test lather (on a beautiful piece of Brazilian Jatobá...
  19. macintoshBR

    AdP difference in packaging ?

    Hi guys, Does anybody here know the difference between the following AdP collezione barbiere shaving creams, besides the label?
  20. macintoshBR

    US customs - Buying straight razors from Europe

    Dear B&B members, I am planning to buy a straight razor from Europe and ship it to US. It's my first time doing it so I have no clues about the process. Are there any kind of customs requirements/restrictions? Import taxes? What are the risks? Would you recommend it? Thank you very much