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  1. celestino

    Shavemac advice needed!

    Shavemac's Silvertip 2-Band in Fan or hybrid Fan would be something you might like. This is Shavemac's softest 2-Band hair with moderate backbone. Good luck.
  2. celestino

    Soaps and creams for dry skin

    +1 Many of the artisan soaps are excellent for post-shave. However, if you want to keep costs to a minimum, a good balm would do the trick.
  3. celestino

    Best Modern Open Comb

    Quite a few options as you can see them listed here. However, My preference is the Blackbird OC
  4. celestino

    Let's see your flower shots!

    Lovely! 👍
  5. celestino

    What soap got you into artisans?

    Mike's & Mystic Water
  6. celestino

    Suggestion for a good coniferous scented soap

    Mystic Water Poggio dei Pini is also a very nice scent.
  7. celestino

    Karve equivalent to R41

    When using a shim(s), in general, it should be under the cutting DE blade when you have assembled your razor and are ready to shave. This will increase the 'gap'/'efficiency' of the razor, for a lack of better terms. Honestly, I have never given much thought to the angle that I use and I just...
  8. celestino

    Karve equivalent to R41

    I just found I had to do a bit too many touch-ups with the Blackbird as I have quite a coarse beard, so I wanted to find a way to keep the smoothness of it with a bit more efficiency to mitigate the irritation and thought to try a shim, and to my wonderful surprise, it was exactly what I had...
  9. celestino

    Karve equivalent to R41

    I completely concur with this. If you want a comparable shave to the R41 or Ikon Tech with regards to efficiency, but with much more of a smooth shave, add a shim to the Blackbird (Brass) razor.
  10. celestino

    What’re you 3 favorite SMELLING soaps?

    Jabonman Sandolo Jabonman Tobacco Mystic Water Bay Rum
  11. celestino

    Help! I no longer like the soap I love!

    Just be aware that there are different interpretations of it.
  12. celestino

    Help! I no longer like the soap I love!

    There are a few other bay rum-scented soaps that, I am sure, you would enjoy: Mike's Barrister and Mann Mystic Water Stirling
  13. celestino

    Hot Water & Brushes | How Hot Is Too Hot?

    If it is too hot for your hands, then it might be too hot for your natural fibre brush.
  14. celestino

    My soap tub is too full!!!

    Non-issue, for me. A full tub just means you have more soap. :thumbup:
  15. celestino

    If I had to use only one shaving soap from now on, I would use......

    Mystic Water (which is my only soap, actually). :)
  16. celestino

    Vote for your favourite shaving brush material

    +1 Large 2-Band badger is my preference; scrubby to gel-tipped ones. It doesn't matter.
  17. celestino

    I'm liking my bigger badger brushes

    My principal brushes are all over 34mm (at the opening of the handle) and I am enjoying them, immensely. I find anything less than 30 mm, I don't enjoy using as much. This wasn't planned, but once I bought my first large brush on the BST, I was very fortunate to have found all of the other ones...
  18. celestino

    Help! I've Fallen and Can't Get Up (Should I spend the extra $$ for a high end badger?)

    I concur with @brucered . After nine years of lathering everyday, mostly twice a day as I shave my head, as well, I have never had a brush that I could not get a good lather with. If you are having issues with boar brushes, just load more soap than expected, whereas synthetics are much more easy...