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  1. Chard52142

    Won 2 New Brushes on Anniversary of DE Shaving

    Anniversary suprise indeed. I received my first EJ DE89 today last year and today received the news I have unexpectedly won 2 new Yaqi brush by naming them... Yaqi Lucky Dice Tuxedo Yaqi Lucky Dice 2 Band Badger Both 26mm brushes are now on the Yaqi website for orders.. Both brushes are...
  2. Chard52142

    Feather Hi Stainless DE Blades Super Deal...!

    If ever you're visiting Doha, Qatar....you will find the Feather blades in boxes of 100s in suprising of all places....local sundry shops...you can buy them in loose packs too... Box of 100s cost USD14.8 Most of these Feather Blades are dump and forgotten in dusty corners...