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  1. Batchief909

    Micromatic Monday

    Love that handle!!
  2. Batchief909

    King C Gillette PIF

    I'm in! Thank you for the opportunity!
  3. Batchief909

    What I have learned- If I was starting over what would I do differently?

    I would have stayed away from creams, and focused more on quality soaps. That made a HUGE difference in my shaves.
  4. Batchief909

    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Rockwell 6S Rockwell 6C Razorock GC 84 Razorock GC 84 Gem MMOC
  5. Batchief909

    What Do You Reach for After a TERRIBLE Shave

    Very rarely and if it happens, I reach for Lucky Tiger.
  6. Batchief909

    Rockwell 6S &(C): Favorite Blade & Plate Combination

    R5 with either a Polsilver or 7 o'clock yellow
  7. Batchief909

    Gillette Travel Tech Size? And Options

    I need one of those little handles......
  8. Batchief909

    Tabac smell

    I actually like the smell. But I like liver and onions, and brussel sprouts also... ;)
  9. Batchief909

    Game Changer .84P

    Thanks for the comments, fellas! I'm looking forward to the GC .84!
  10. Batchief909

    Game Changer .84P

    I picked up one from Italian Barber. After I checked out, I noticed they were now all sold out. Apparently I snagged the last one?? I got a confirmation email and order number, so we'll see!
  11. Batchief909

    Game Changer .84P

    The HD handle, but I also have a Radio Knob from a Mamba I picked up.
  12. Batchief909

    Game Changer .84P

    I just ordered a GC .84. I've been using my Rockwell 6S and 6C for almost a year now. The Rockwell razors are fantastic, but the weight and cumbersome heads are urging me to look for something different. (I use plates 5&6 on the Rockwell) After reading numerous posts in regards to the GC, I...
  13. Batchief909

    Corona PIF

  14. Batchief909

    PIF for those out of work

    Very generous of you! What a great PIF! Not in...
  15. Batchief909

    im bored so here is a question

    Tabac, PDP, MWF, Stirling
  16. Batchief909

    So ... That just happened ...

    I used JB Weld on my Old Type. Haven’t had any issues since.
  17. Batchief909

    Corona PIF

    What a refreshing post. Thank you for sharing it!
  18. Batchief909

    Pre War vs Post War Tech

    Thanks for your responses!