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  1. gvw755

    WTB Merkur 45 Bakelite

    The Merkur 45 was one of the razors that I regret selling as soon as I shipped off to another member. If you have one that you're not using, send me a PM.
  2. gvw755

    FS Timeless Stainless Steel .95

    Timeless Stainless Steel .95 with smooth cap and SB. Also include a choice of Tibam Handle. Both handles are 90mm in length and made of titanium. The Norsborg is the one that looks like the traditional bamboo design, and the Antique is the one that looks like a crude hammered CG handle...
  3. gvw755

    FS Razorock Lupo Aluminum and Stainless Steel

    Both versions of the Razorock Lupo for sale: 1. Razorock DLC coated stainless steel Lupo less than a month old and used only a couple of times. Great shaver, but recently acquired WR1 which is what the Lupo is a copy of. Comes with the leather bag. $80 + $5 shipping 2. Original Razorock black...
  4. gvw755

    Global Shave Club Fat Boy

    Just got a message today that Global Shave Club just announced their Fat Boy replica razor. For a while now they have been advertising that they were working on a Fat Boy replica called the Fat Guy, but not it is officially on their web site and listed as the Model 195 Fat Boy. It is currently...
  5. gvw755

    SOLD Occam's Safety Razor Heads

    Got this very recently and was delivered with my Enoch a week ago. It is the complete set of Occam's DE Safety Razor heads without the handle. Fully stainless steel construction and includes: Regular Domed Cap Ridged Dome Cap Clone of Muhle R89 base plate Open Comb base plate (with a bar across...
  6. gvw755

    WTB Charcoal Goods Lvl 3 stainless steel base plate

    Looking to buy a CG Lvl 3 stainless steel base plate. This is the Gen 2 design. PM me if you got one to sell.
  7. gvw755


    Anyone have any recent experience with bmvintageshaving.com? I could not find any recent post on this company. The only reason I ask is because they seem to have a supply of NOS Merkur Vision 2000, which I thought were long gone. Any info on them would be appreciated.
  8. gvw755

    WARNING Gillette 430030

    I recently won the bid on what I thought was a Gillette Gen 3 Aristocrat. When it got to me, I found out it was defective. To open the doors, the entire handle spun and the knob was not functional. I was able to return it and get all my money back. I just noticed that the Seller has relisted the...
  9. gvw755

    FS Occam’s Razor OREN and Vikings Blade Augustus

    Two great razors, but just not finding its way into my rotation: Occam’s Razor OREN This razor is practically brand new. I had it for less than two weeks. It uses a Feather AC blade and is a great shaver. Comes with three different top cap settings. I paid $70 for it. Selling for $55 + $5...
  10. gvw755

    FS North Shore Razors Variant and Vikings Blade Augustus

    Two great adjustable razors, but just moving away from adjustables: North Shore Razors Shortened Variant This razor is in VG condition and has been thoroughly rinsed after every shave. It has been specially modified by NSR by shortening it to about the length of a regular Progress. Black and...
  11. gvw755

    titanium and brass handles from Russia

    There was an offer of a group buy on another forum which I participated in. The artisan is known on eBay as one of the three from Russia making titanium razor handles. I bought a bamboo handle from him before and know the quality of his work. This time around, because it was a group buy, we...
  12. gvw755

    Gillette Sensor compatible cartridges

    I just received a PIF of a Sensor Excel razor. What I had in mind for this razor was to be a finisher razor and travel razor. Right now, I use a Gillette Guard for those duties, but just wanted to try something else. Since this will not be in my daily rotation, I don't need a Gillette cartridge...
  13. gvw755

    Vikings Blade Emperor Augustus

    I know many of you just roll their eyes when they hear the name Vikings Blade. After all, these are the folks that dared to take a rebranded Baili and sell them for triple the price. I myself felt that way at one time until many people that owned a Vikings Blade and a Baili kept saying that they...
  14. gvw755

    FT Charcoal Good Brass Magnum Handle

    I am looking to trade my Charcoal Goods Brass Magnum Handle for a Brass Hammered Handle. It is just a little too big and heavy for me. CONUS only and we each pay our own shipping.
  15. gvw755

    Gillette Pocket Edition question

    I recently purchased a Gillette Pocket Edition off of eBay, and true to my normal style, I purchase first and research later. So now with the razor working it's way to me, I came across this site which seems to be a copy of an old Gillette catalog or price list with drawings and info on the...
  16. gvw755

    WTB Ikon B1 Open Comb base plate

    I am looking for the original Ikon Open Comb base plate made of stainless steel. This is not the Ikon/Shavecraft Short Comb. I will consider the entire head if you want to sell it that way. PM me with reasonable offers.
  17. gvw755

    Seygus Zeppelin v2

    Back in December @Asafiev informed the community of a new "slant" razor that Seygus was working on. At that time I said that I was not sure if it really was a slant, however I followed the Seygus FB page and after discussing things with my slant mentor @efsk, we both decided that it was a slant...
  18. gvw755

    So which Gillette is this?

    I just received my razor today that I won on eBay over the weekend. It certainly doesn't look like any Gillette I know.
  19. gvw755

    Frankenrazor February

    Okay folks, I am declaring the month of February to be Frankenrazor February. I know you people are out there and so join in and let everyone know about your favorite creations. For myself, as many would know, I have a fascination for odd razors, however one of the first things I would do with...
  20. gvw755

    Experience with Global Shave Club

    Recently, there was a post in the SE section about a new cheap plastic razor using a half DE blade. This was the V-ishw from India and was rebranded as the Challenger in Canada. I watched the youtube reviews with interest, and became very interested in ordering one as I have always been one to...