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  1. CallMeNugget

    FSOT Den Purge, only to refill it.

    I think this post is finally ready to go up. I keep finding things I have to trade, and things I want to trade for. Here goes... I have the following items available for trade preferably, or will sell individually or collectively. PayPal and Venmo accepted. MORE PICS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST...
  2. CallMeNugget

    GrubHub & DoorDash, etc.

    How many have used one or the other or any food delivery service in the last few weeks? Wondering if now would be a good time to be a driver, now that I have more "free time" & less work. Anyone here actually drive for a food delivery company?
  3. CallMeNugget

    The Holy Black SR-71 straight bar DE Razor

    Just got one, and I have not had a chance to give it a spin yet. I like the looks, and the heavy weight of the handle is what ultimately interested me the most. The head doesn't look like much. I also couldn't find the blade gap specs (or any other specs except weight) on it anywhere...
  4. CallMeNugget

    Pinaud Clubman Country Club shampoo

    Ordered some earlier this week, it arrived tonight, and I can't wait to give it a spin tomorrow! Smells like original Pinaud Clubman aftershave, mostly. I'm really looking forward to having it deployed in my shower. I can't get enough of that scent. I've got the green hair gel, the AS, and...
  5. CallMeNugget

    Root beer scented shave soaps

    Does anyone know if there are any Root Beer scented soaps being produced? Stirling Ben Franklin says in its scent profile that some find the scent to be similar to a root beer float. I think that's a stretch. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Ben Franklin, although I was hoping that it would...
  6. CallMeNugget

    WTB Razorock Gamechanger. 84-P base plate

    Do people even have these laying around? If so, I'd like to purchase it. Or is it a Rainbow Unicorn that I'll never find? 🦄 I've got the cap, but I wouldn't mind having another cap if you want to make it a Package Deal for both the plate & cap. But at the least, looking to purchase the .84...
  7. CallMeNugget

    Shouldn't they technically be the same?

    I've been enjoying a Rockwell 6S. Using the R3 plate. I decided to pick up a Rockwell 2C, used the R3 plate., expecting similar results as the 6S. Not even in the same ballpark.. the 6S was so much more efficient. I stopped several times on the first pass while using the 2C to see if it was...
  8. CallMeNugget

    What are your favorite go-to energy drinks?

    Most of the Bang line-up I find delightful. I also like the Rockstar Orange, Fruit Punch, & Lemon Recovery flavors. Can't handle an of them with sugar. I find them way too sweet. I enjoy the caffeine. For those of you that indulge, what do you like?
  9. CallMeNugget

    WTB WANT TO BUY Stirling products (specific scented pre-owned items & brushes)

    Looking to buy your used Stirling Products that are just sitting around in your dens not being used, & you’re wondering what you should do with them. I want shave soaps, body lotions, aftershaves, balms, & EDT colognes (NOTHING WITH MENTHOL!) in the following scents: Haverford Pharaoh’s...
  10. CallMeNugget

    Recommend an AIR FRYER

    And please post your experiences, pitfalls, successes, and feel free to share recipes & best practices! Thanks in advance.
  11. CallMeNugget

    Barbershop scented soaps

    I've tried Stirling Barbershop.. love it. Thinking of trying others. Razorock What the Puck Barbershop Blue is on my radar. How does it compare to Stirling? Are there other Barbershop scented soaps I should consider, & how do they compare to Stirling (scent-wise.)
  12. CallMeNugget

    Prewar DE question

    Is the Gillette Prewar the same thing as a Fat Handle Tech DE? They look a lot alike to me, and many that I've seen on the 'Bay seem to have dates associated with them from 1938-1945, which is around the same dates a the Prewars. Just wondering. Thanks as always.
  13. CallMeNugget

    Name 10 movies you never get tired of watching.

    Here goes. (In no particular order) Saving Private Ryan Big Lebowski Blackhawk Down Last of the Mohicans The Departed Gladiator O Brother Where Art Thou Jeramiah Johnson Legends of the Fall Full Metal Jacket Hon Mentions: Goodfellas, Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back/Jedi, the Natural...
  14. CallMeNugget

    Help w/ ID'ing 2 brushes

    They look like others I've seen, but I don't know what the models are. It's not important, but I'm sure someone here knows. Thanks in advance.
  15. CallMeNugget

    Depression-era meals or recipes wanted

    For example, boil whole chicken. While its cooking, make a dough of eggs and flour. Combine eggs with flour, roll out the dough, slice it in to noodle sized pieces, & when the chicken is done cooking, shred the chicken meat, then put the meat and noodles back in the water that the chicken was...
  16. CallMeNugget

    Your go-to brush for Stirling Soaps?

    Well, what brush(s)type and/or brand or model works best for you when you use Stirling soaps? What methods do you use? Do you lather it in their green tub, in hand, put a dollop in a different bowl, or other?? I'm wondering because I have a couple of their soaps in the full size & sample...
  17. CallMeNugget

    Pinaud Lime Sec

    What is the meaning of "Sec" in the title of this aftershave? Also, how is "Pinaud" pronounced? I pronounce it as Pin-Odd- What do you think? I'm also a big fan of it, by the way. My favorite Clubman AS scent.
  18. CallMeNugget

    Do I need to try an open comb DE?

    Hi, been here on the forums not quite 2 weeks yet. I must say, I have learned so much, and reading about all this wet shave stuff has been so interesting and helped me improve my shaves by putting what I've learned into practice. Great stuff. I use to look at shaving like a chore that had to...