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  1. hig789

    Vintage Horn Simpson

    Got this in the mail today. From what I can make out after a quick wipe with neatsfoot oil is that it's a vintage horn handled Simpson 10 Best Badger. The horn was really dried out so its hard to make out the writing. But if you hold it in the right light you can see it. There's only one corner...
  2. hig789

    Vintage French Horn Brush? Plisson Made?

    Got this in the mail today. The top portion is horn and the bottoms is some sort of plastic. It is marked Isinis Pur Blaireau. Didn't know if this was a independent manufacturer or if it was relabeled for resale. I haven't used it yet, just lathered it a few times. It was unused when I got it...
  3. hig789

    8/8 DD GoldEdge

    Never thought I'd ever get the chance to own one of these. It is crazy hollow for as big as it is. Needs a little cleanup and to be honed. The scales are pretty straight but the pivot pin is loose.
  4. hig789

    Plisson Plexi

    Bought a Plisson plexi the other day and the knot is shot. Not that disappointed I love the plexi handles. Does plisson do reknots of their vintage handles like Simpson does?
  5. hig789

    A very special razor by Mark

    Had a idea a while back to make a sort of heirloom razor for my son. Found a beautiful shoulderless Joseph Rodgers with excellent condition ivory scales and contracted Mark(MyCarver) about doing some scrimshaw on them. The blade was in pretty good shape with the exception of some pitting on...
  6. hig789

    Anyone else collect Netsuke?

    I guess this is the right place to post this. I don't really have a big collection. It just amazes me at the detail that the artist put into some of these carvings. I bought a few at a antique store a few years ago and recently bought the tall one locally. It is very detailed and the...
  7. hig789

    Any hope for this strop?

    I have a old strop I got in a big lot of razors and stones. The bad thing is that's it's pretty well soaked in some kind of oil. Other than that the leather looks pretty decent as far as no nicks, cuts or cracking. Any way to remove the oil?
  8. hig789

    ID Help

    Got this little stone today. It's a little over 4x2x.5". Thought it could be a thuri by the chips but the pattern looks nothing like it. About the same hardness as a thuri though. All the corners and edges have been sanded so there aren't really any saw marks present. It's a natural stone...
  9. hig789

    TGN HMW loft question

    I am going to order a 20 or a 22mm HMW knot from TGN soon. I like my brushes with a lot of backbone and didn't know where to start on the loft height. My favorite knot by far is a 24mm Finest set at 49mm if this helps any.
  10. hig789

    Let's talk hamons on vintage straights

    Let me start this by saying that I LOVE hamons on anything, knives, sword, razors or whatever. I have made a few knives that have had nice hamons on them and I love how each one is different in their own way. So I was reading the other thread that was posted a few days ago on a Japanese razor...
  11. hig789

    Let's See Your German Steel

    Noticed that there is a thread for pretty much every other country in the razor pictures sticky. We need one for the best razors out there now. :) Here's two of mine. My best shavers. Love me some good old German steel with a stiff hollow grind. 13/16 Wusthof made Hoffritz Barbers King...
  12. hig789

    Let's see you while natural stone collection

    I know this might be hard for some of you to get in one picture or not want the significant other to see them all gathered together. But let's see them. Here's mine. Thuris, coticules, BBW and a lone translucent.
  13. hig789

    CVH Royal Kindal Rescale In Vintage Bone

    Here is a 13/16 Royal Kindal I got last week. It was in decent shape but had shallow pitting and staining all over it. Had beat up plastic MK scales on it when I got it, so I found some vintage homemade bone scales that I had. They still had the saw marks on the inside of the scales from who...
  14. hig789

    8/8+ WM Stenton & Son

    Got this big guy today and couldn't wait to start on it. It's a little under 9/8 at the widest. This is the first huge stub tail I have ever had. Not going to take it to a mirror finish. Not sure how I'll finish it yet. Before with the awesome scales. So far.
  15. hig789

    Solingen Type #14?

    Bought this blade real cheap locally. I have never seen a 14 like this. Thought it might be a copy or a fake or possibly a Pakistan made razor. Who ever made it did a very good job on the grinds and overall finish of the blade. Also it doesn't fit the normal 14 profile though, no jimping on...
  16. hig789

    Vintage Damascus razor?

    Bought this last night and don't have it in hand yet. I am assuming that the pattern is just a etch on the blade because it doesn't look layered to me. Has anyone ever seen a true vintage layered Damascus razor? I know there are razors marked Damascus, but I assume that just refers to actual...
  17. hig789

    Question about soaking a trans with a label

    Got this little 5"x2" translucent today. It has a little of the hard Arkansas label left on the back. I'd like to soak it in simple green to clean it up but I am concerned that since the label is soaked in oil too that it might totally disintegrate what's left of it. Anyone else done this? Thoughts?
  18. hig789

    2nd set of scales...new take on a old pattern

    Here's a new set of scales I made this morning. Started out as 1/8", thinned them out a little and contoured. Very little wet sanding required, just enough to shine them up. Will make the wedge later on tonight but here's how they sit right now.
  19. hig789

    Yet another hone ID thread

    Bought this the other day a finally got around to lapping it today. It's not a Vermont slate but it looks kinda like one. I've had one of those and this is thicker than they are and much harder. Measures - 6"x2"x7/8" The slurry is almost black off my DMT, the slurry in the picture was made...
  20. hig789

    Pin material

    Has anyone tried to use 1/16 nickel silver or brass brazing rods for pins? Or 1/16 stainless tig rods? You can get them for less than a few bucks each and they are 3' long. Thoughts?